Friday, 30 August 2013

Blogging on Interior things plus Events, quotes, creativity and stuff that will inspire you!

Grey, Pink and White. Planning to add a touch of Purple my room colours and doing a room makeover soon.

WAO! Steph surprises her husband with a birthday party on the boat!

Photos from Anselm Madubuko &Emmy Kosgei's traditi...

Apostle Anselm Madubuko of Revival Assembly Church married Kenyan gospel artist Emmy Kosgei in a traditional wedding that held yesterday T... A good wife comes from God. congratulations Sir.

Make Every Space In Your House Count.

Under stair case never have looked this useful or wealthy. This goes to say every space in your house can matter when it comes to management and organization in your home or office. Never let things just fly around. Make a shelf under or up somewhere and store things appropriately. You will be amazed how neat, spacious, relaxing and peaceful your house will be. Try It!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

A 700years old duplex with a design that Architect's cant imagine!


I HAVE A DREAM- Dreamers live on because their dreams never die! Dare to Dream

As I see the pictures above I cant but think a little - oh the power of dreaming. 50years down the road and someone's dream is being lived, someone's dream is still touching lives and nations, someone's dream is still the topic of discussion to national liberation. 50years down the road will I still matter in anyway? It is better to live our dreams than our realities because our realities can only be real for a moment and when the moment passes by our dreams still lives on. I often ask myself what is my dream, is it the next house, car, vacation, dress, meal, party, show etc. or is it for peace, unity, equality, happiness, salvation, national liberation etc. Make my dream bigger than me! Anyway just making my thoughts loud as I reflect on how I can make a positive impact in doing what I do. Yes We can make Nigeria our dream land of peace, unity and prosperity for all. One Nigeria, One love.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

BBA Postives!- 2 quotes from Dillish BBA 2013 winner and the Bimp spiritual connection story.

I heard this from Dillish one of the days I stumbled into the big brother show and I said wow interesting. She said it with such sincerity that it caught my attention when she said this two words (1) Thank you God  (2)God I love you. She also held her ground in the house in the midst of plenty abnormally, she stayed faithful to her boyfriend. In the world today lets learn to be different wherever we find ourselves. Don't blend with the crowd and don't try to be anybody else and the world will celebrate you. Congrats Dillish.  It also caught my attention when Bimp said he was reconnected to God in the BBA house. For whatever we do it pays to stay true and connected to our creator God. Life cant be any good without Him. BBA more positives next time.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Keeping Up with Aestetic Wisecrafters.

Effizy is derived from the word Efficient!

Effizy spells effective and effective is producing the result that is wanted, intended or successful. I used Denzel's picture because he was deliberate in his looks here and he does that all the time. Effizy looks and events gets anyone's attention and it just spells excellence too. So when someone adds that excellence touch to how they look or do their thing don't fight it and don't assume it is too much guy to be real or pure. Am recommending it but if it's not your style, stay with your style without fighting other people's style. This got my attention and I thought well let me say something about it. Thanks for clicking here, stay tuned.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Happy birthday Ma. It is a great honour to celebrate you on my blog today as you are one of my role models. I have watched you from a little distance and i admire you in many ways. Your simplicity, inner and outward beauty, jokes and laughter, profound words and just been who you are ministers to me. I celebrate you for the impact you have made in my life and in the life of many others, for the way you have cooked my pastor's meals for several years and the peace you bring to his life. May God grant all your desires and lift you to great heights and cause you to be fulfilled on all sides. Love you ma.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Home Management, beyond the classes, it is serious business!

The state of our homes play a great role in making or breaking relationships at the home front. So don't break up your relationship just because you didn't clean or organize your home. Here are some tips to help not just to clean and organize your home but to make your home front relationships better.

 Get up and get dressed:  Don't stay in your pajamas forever. You never know when someone may call on you. Comb your hair, brush your teeth, and get ready as you have a house to keep, children to feed and a husband to kiss so get dressed. Your house is as clean as you are!

Treat Homemaking as a full-time job. Home making is a full-time job. Treat it like one. Just as there are things i must get done in the office, there are must dos at home. Do them everyday even if it already looks clean. You accumulate dirt if you don't clean daily, making cleaning harder and dirt dirtier.

Be done by 10am. Don't make house cleaning an all day job, all week. Plan your cleaning routines and make sure you are done early enough to catch up with work. 10am is recommended for independent workers but you know you resume by 8.00am so schedule your own timing.

My favorite house making tips is having a place for everything and keep everything in their own place. Like the room above has little compartment for several things. Keep them so and once they are out find time to put them back.

For mothers, children comes first. Take care of your child/children. Clean them up early enough for school and even when it is holiday, still don't let them stay dirty for so long into the day. Let the children get cleaned and then you do your house work.

Do what works for you, but whatever you do make sure your home is working. Always remember everyone is different and everyone likes to give their opinions. Just listen and then do what works for you. Your home is your domain, make it a place you enjoy and no need to compare it with others.

One Love from Interior Guru.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Every day is a contest of who is doing it better!

I always strife to give my best in all I do and hoping to be the best with my best cause I am meant for tops. Pastor Sam Adeyemi says if I am not amongst the 1-3 of my profession then chances are am in the wrong one, true talk. I am an Aesthetic Specialist(Aesthete) - I have love and understanding of art , functional and beautiful things and am pushing to be the best in it. Am the blogger to look up for all your aesthetic solutions.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mind Blowing God Did It!

Died just to say I love You. Incredible I love you too Lord and I'll stay alive very long to declare your praise and glory. If you think so, then say so.......... Let the Redeem of the Lord say so I am Redeemed.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I ask for more, Am not Oliver Twist sha! More What?

The Gospel Entertainment movers and shakers have done so much to put out entertainment in its best form. Gospel Entertainment is not just music and arts it is praise and worship to the True God who made us all and also a message of His love, power, excellence, glory and all. The plan of God is for us to take over the Nation's Entertainment Industry because we have the right message that will not corrupt but edify and build. So been one of us I ask for more. Lets be more United, Passionate, Excellent, Focused, Holy, Devoted, Creative, Change driven and all that God wants for us to be to make the impact He wants us to make. One Love to You All. Keep the fire burning.

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