Saturday, 28 September 2013

EXTREME WORSHIP With The Family Worship Choir!

 Did you miss this worship experience yesterday? Then you missed! But i invited you na so u didnot come! The Worship was extreme, everyone was lost in God's presence, awsome. This is a song section led by the Choir Director. FWC Worship you rock!

We all bowed at His feet and our lives have changed for the best. The Residence Pastor doing his thing - Worship.
Can I hear a gbosa for the Worship Team great women. These women are  true
 worshipers and we sang our hearts to God at the Lifted Hand Concert yesterday. God loves everyone but He is passionately in love with us because we know how to cook His meal well.

Logolistic Logo your label and worship makes alot of sense. Here he is bended backwards in worship as he sings his own composed song Chi Bu Chi. God is God no matter what. This guy put in his all for this concert. He has been working tiredly both on stage and back stage. If we sang on key and got our lines right it's because he thought us. Music Box is my fav name for him. Keep making sense Logo!

Wow, wow, wow, wow was all he screamed as there were not enough or good enough words to describe the awesomeness of God. He stood, bowed, kneeled and prostrated in worship and God came and inhabited. He sang his own composed song and all I can say is wow!

Trailblazers! These guys blazed the trail with their energetic, spirited and creative worship and praise session. This is the FWC youth church choir. These blessed children of God do not just praise God but they have taken praise to another level. Their vocals, attitude, instruments were on point. They got me on this one. Praise and Worship really hits me when it is known excellently, when otherwise i go worship o but............... God truly deserves the best of music in Worship! Tnks Trailblazers.


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