Monday, 30 September 2013


When I saw this pictures I thought I was watching a movie but as I read on it happens to be a true life story. The NollyWood star was practically under the influence of the spirit and what happened even him couldn't control it and the Pastor had to battle with an evil spirit that was in Jim Iyke. Wao Jim God loves you to get you out of the bondage. Most people knowingly or unknowingly are under some form of demonic influence that keeps them away from experiencing a true happy life in God. But thank God for Jim, Please do not let them come back. It will be deadly than the ones you had before.

Like we do medical checks for our physical health, we all need to do some spiritual check from time to time to get rid of that which is trying to get rid of us. I know what am saying, I have been there before. Get that thing out of you, its aim is to destroy your life both here on earth and eternity.

One more time congrats Jim, please stay in Faith!

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