Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Lifted Hands is a worship experience you can't afford to miss. Let the worshipper in You be free as you join us in true worship. See details below.
Date: 27th September, 2013.
Venue: Family Worship Center Auditorium
Time: 6pm
There are various reasons why people raise their hands during praise/worship
songs in church or at Christian concerts. Among the reasons are: to show surrender,
submission, humility, or dependence to God, to give God reverence or adoration, to
Raising hands is actually a controversial topic amongst different churches anddenominations. Some churches hold that raising one's hands in worship is distracting or irreverent. M
ost of the churches coming out against it are ones that play
mainly hymns in their services and believe only hymns should be played in church.
The topic of worship is a huge one and I do not want to address that here.
While there is certainly not a thing wrong with singing hymns in church, I find
it sad that some of these Christians would attack others for the songs they choose
I grew up in a hymn playing church and I am now in a FWC church. I much prefer
to worship to or the method in which they they choose to worship. Speaking for myself.
However, others are able to do so and I say "wonderful." This is one reason why we have different churches.

There are numerous places
in the Bible that speak in defense of hand raising in worship
(2 Chr 6:12-13)(Lk 24:50). There are even places that show people dancing
singing (Ps 47:1).

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