Thursday, 26 September 2013


When you move into a new apartment and you don't have the money to do the whole flat at a go my advise is fix your bedroom first. When you are in a house and your pa lour is more comfortable than the bedroom do you know what that means wether you believe it or not, visitors are more comfortable in your house than you. I have actually visited lots of houses with this problem. I hardly go into people's bedroom especially married couple. But when i get a chance to a shocker meets me their bedroom is in the state that makes me cry sometimes. I leave the place thinking how can these people be happy for God's sake because most of this rooms am talking about belong to couples.

Right now please do me a favor and believe me you will be happier for it, fix your bedroom first if you stay in a flat.

You say well people visit me and they stay in the parlor so i need to give them an impression or make them comfortable. I agree with that but it will be at an expense - YOU. People will be pleased and you will be displeased, because after a tired day's job, you are going to need your bedroom to ease off . And if you will want to please people, stop trying because you won't. Give you and your family the first chance of a wonderful home ambiance then gradually people can come in. If you disagree please let me know in the comment box.

In fixing your bedroom for singles or married especially for the married, your bedroom must have certain features to make it what it really means.

Your Bedroom should have a bed. As simple as it sounds we all don't get it. I moved into an apartment recently and i didn't have much cash so i thought i was going to be able to sleep on my rug for a while but for where? It didn't add up and the next day a mattress had to show up. I painted, rugged and did some minor decoration forgetting the most important component of a bedroom, but i was quick to learn the lesson. The major aim of a bedroom is for rest. So don't just get a mattress, get a bed and get the nicest of beddings. Move gradually, depending on your budget. But know that you deserve the best and you will get it if you believe it.

More points on fixing your Bedroom coming up tomorrow.

Stay great MEBers and never forget to Dream it, Act it and Live it.

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