Saturday, 28 September 2013


Hi MEBers, can see you are having a great weekend. Always spice up your weekend with an event, it could be a wedding, a family outing, a show, an event or something. It just makes life fun to hangout. So are you at the Tim Godfrey and Extreme crew event right now, as this very promising event is going on right now. Planned to make it but here am I in Abuja and couldn't travel.

The interesting thing about this event is that is holds a message. The Journey Begins, Take Responsiblity is geared towards fighting drug addiction, trafficking and other social ills in our society.

Drug abuse or drug addiction is one of the most vexing and pervasive problems faced by most countries around the world including our beloved Nigeria. The consequences of such addiction, abuse, trafficking or even cultivation can be devastating; unfortunately the youths are the most vulnerable on hard drugs and this brings a lot of adverse effects on the community. Join Tim Godfrey and Xtreme crew in a Broadway Concert. Its time to stand up for what is right and Take Responsibility.

Welldone Bros!

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