Wednesday, 30 October 2013



·         Tuck in sheets and blankets snugly and smoothly.
·        Clean up your room. It will accentuate the effort you put into making your bed. On the flip side, make your bed every morning. No matter how clean everything else in the room is, it will look untidy if you have an unmade bed.

·   Make sure your sheets are the right size for your bed. There isn't much difference between a full top sheet or a queen top sheet, but it's problematic for a fitted sheet.

·   Think before giving up on that second sheet. The practice of using only a comforter or duvet without a top sheet makes daily bed-making a bit simpler, but that sheet serves other purposes: protecting the sleeper's skin from rough blankets and covers, keeping blankets and comforters cleaner, and adding a little extra layer of warmth. It's a lot easier to regularly wash a sheet than it is to wash blankets and comforters, and the covers last longer when they are kept clean and laundered less.

Use sheets that are large enough that they won't come untucked and pull out while you are sleeping. This makes the bed more comfortable to sleep in and easier to make up again the next morning.

·       If you are using nearly-square, king-size sheets, and cannot determine which edges are sides versus top/bottom, take a few minutes one time to measure each edge, and make the shorter-length edges the top/bottom. Make a small, discreet mark on the newly-determined bottom edge with a permanent marker, since that is the edge that should be tucked in and will not be seen. Alternatively, if the sheet has hemmed and unhemmed edges, make the hemmed edges the top/bottom and the unhemmed edges the sides.

·         Placing the flat sheet with the printed side (or the smooth side of the hem on a solid-colored sheet) down allows the hemmed top edge to be folded over the blanket or comforter with the rough edge away from the sleeper's face. It also provides a prettier bed that allows both sides of printed sheets to appear when the bed is turned back for entry.

·     Mattress pads will help protect your bed and pillows so they last longer, as well as keeping out allergens and asthma-inducing particles such as dust that might collect there.

·         If you have a small blanket you can place it on top of the pillows. It will make your pillows stay neat until it's time for you to go to sleep.

·      Use throw pillows and other bed accessories to enhance your bed and room.

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  1. A sign of good success is that you can have a good sleep. Make your sleep really comfortable and you will have a better world view - Enjoy!


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