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Deitrick Haddon - Speaks On His Marriage and Ministry and He Is Also An Expecting A..........

deitrick and dominique expecting

When I found out Dominique was pregnant, it was a surprise and a blessing at the same time. Both my children were surprises to me, but they’re here, and I am grateful. I always wanted kids, and God saw me fit to bless me with a family — and he’s blessing me fast! Dominique can certainly have babies really strong. Plus, Dominique and I are really attracted to each other, physically, spiritually and emotionally, so I have to be careful or I’ll suddenly have 12 children with her!
We’re having another baby girl! Destin really needs a baby sister, because she needs to stop bossing me around. We’re naming her Denver Monroe Haddon, unless I get an epiphany and decide to change it. But we’re definitely sticking with the D names: Deitrick, Dominique, Destin, Denver.
The wedding was perfect. When I saw Destin walk down the aisle, she let me know that the test, the trial, the persecution was all worth it. It was God telling me: “Deitrick through it all, I’m still rewarding you, even through your failures, I’m still blessing you.” Yet, according to people, I was wrong. I’m not a man of God…Because of my daughter? At the end of the day, a child is a blessing of the Lord. Seeing that really lifted a load off my shoulders, and at the end of the day, I’m winning.
Then, when I saw Dominique come after her, it was   overwhelming for me. I’m a man’s man. I don’t believe in crying, but I couldn’t contain myself. I was thinking about all that Dominique had gone through. She didn’t ask for this world. She’s beautiful, educated, she has degrees, she’s not trying to be a pastor’s wife and all that. I realize that I came with baggage. But at that moment, it was about us. Nothing else mattered, and I realized it was worth the fight.
I’ve come a very long way since Dominique and I first met. I come from a world where image is everything, but you can’t lose who you really are in all that. When my public image was smeared because of my actions, it left me in a place where I had nowhere else to go but to God, and to look to who I really was. I’ve learned more about me, Deitrick, not the public figure. Not the guy who gets up and preaches or the singer who does music videos, but about Deitrick, Dee Dee (my nickname back home).
One thing I’ve also learned is that, as a leader, we’re responsible to lead by example in our highs and in our lows. A pastor should be an example of what a man is supposed to be when he makes a mistake, or hits bottom. You can learn even more from your failures than you can from your victories.
This show gave me the opportunity to demonstrate how you walk through a situation like that, and come out okay. I now get messages from people saying they saw the show, and it made them want to go to church and reconnect with their spirituality again, or they proposed to their girlfriends because of seeing me marry Dominque. That’s huge! The thing to take away is: you WILL make mistakes. To expect to live 80 years and not fail somewhere – it’s impossible.

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