Monday, 27 January 2014


As an Aesthete – someone with a special love/understanding of art and beautiful things, this topic is of utmost interest and importance to me.

If you were given an option not considering any limitations, what kind of life will you be living? Hey don’t look at Buckingham palace or some Prince Charles kind of life and wish it or give me an answer that fits someone else’s life that you are probably watching right now. Look inwards and answer this question – What kind of life will you be living, considering you have no limitations?

The Art of Living is actually putting into best use the potentials that you have around you and within you to create all that you want to or ought to be. No one will give to you what you deserve you have to make it happen with the God given potential that lies within you, I call it your home power.

Your home is actually a birthing place for all of your dreams and desires and also for all of the world’s solution for peace, harmony, justice and equality. Home Power is a concept that exists in all aspect of human existence….. Politics, Education, Business, Entertainment, Family, Media etc.

Can we take a closer look at our homes! More on this soon.

Stay tuned to Interior Majik- Transforming Nigeria One Home at a time! 

All on this blog.

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