Monday, 20 January 2014

ROTFL - I am overghastedly flabberwhelmed at the current social media crikum-krankum.....Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon speaks on Gay Marriage Ban!

ROTFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing, haba Honourable take it easy with Nigerians, this grammar is some bomb shell and stands as a terrorist act which can endanger the lives of many Nigerians. The Kokomity of this grammar can elevate you to laughter without limit please viewer read on and have a good laugh it's good for your health.

“Alas oppressionism has befuddled the appendage of the innocent gayous Nigerian. I am overghastedly flabberwhelmed at the current social media crinkum-krankum set ablaze in the furnace gargantuan gaga fully odoriferous and bugabooish in this phase and time.

Abeg read more after the cut.........

The drama is combustible. The police, our most obliquyous Machiavellian baga-bubu has begun their disdain of molestation. The legal intercontinental ballistic missile unsaphronisationistically unleashed by Mr President has caused a global rejection, commotion, and OBAMA has pooh-poohed his mumbo-jumbo.

Nigeria has maniacally accepted a perfidious hockery-pockery of a legalisationism whilst ignoring the poverty portraits on that bewildered, repugnant, wretched faces of the earth.

This is not terra ferma for me and it is clearly a terra incognito. The discobolus generated by the sola-campus nuances is flawless like the biblical ‘MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN’.
Now the country is in a political Bermuda Triangle and if we do not take very urgent and responsible steps to meander the interstices of eschewable cataracts, land mines waterfronts, icebergs and ox bow lakes of the gay ban, the ship of the Nigerian state has all the capacities and possibilities of berthing in the disastrous and pestilential aqua of a terminus aquem”

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