Thursday, 27 March 2014

Photos: Unbelievable tacky and dirty flat- Joseph Yobo's.

Standing in the room is angry UK landlord who leased a penthouse flat to Joseph Yobo he said he has never seen a house this dirty before. He claims there were burn marks on the carpet, a dirty kitchen and bathroom, and holes in the wall left from a flat-screen television. 

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“There’s bond money of £1,500, but by the look of it, it will need £5,000 to put all the damage right and I will have to call in industrial cleaners. There are iron marks on the floor, as if left by ironing, and holes in the wall left by flat-screen TVs. I’ve never come across anything like this before and I’m just so shocked. The place looks as if it’s been burgled” he said. Continue below...

SYobo has however denied ever living there and said his brother, Godwin was the one who lived there and paid the rent.

“It’s my name on the lease, but I never lived at the flat and I’ve never even been there. The landlord doesn’t know me and he hasn’t spoken to Gideon about this. I have property too and the landlord should have gone to the letting agents if he was unhappy,” Yobo said.

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