Monday, 26 May 2014

Engineers excecuted for collapsed building- Justice or not?

According to two Chinese newspapers, North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un ordered the execution by firing squad of 4 design and construction engineers who built the 23-storey building that collapsed in the capital of Pyongyang on May 13th 2014 leading to the death of about 500 people.
92 families lived in the building as at the time it collapsed and most of the people killed were top intelligence and security officials. Kim Jong Un gave a rare public apology to North Koreans after the collapse occurred and ordered an inquiry. The four engineers were reportedly executed last week.

The main cause of the building collapse remains unclear but shoddy construction is said to be a likely cause because onsite directors and workers often smuggle out steel and cement to sell in black market
Kim Jong-Un has been reported to execute anyone who falls short of his expectations, including members of his own family. 

Is this justice or not? Were there investigations on true cause of collapse and was it traced to poor materials and work done by the engineers?

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