Monday, 30 June 2014

Before meets After- My Interior Exploit last weekend!

 |Before                                      After
I love to do this naturally. Decorate, Design, Organize and Clean spaces. So when i get to your house and it does not meet my standard i offer a weekend to help out, to at least put the right things at the right place. It helps to air up your room, get it look trendy and up to date and guess what you will end up been fabulous for it. Continue to get a vital information and see more photos.....

 Before                                                                                         After
Before                                After

Well I had to do a shot before i got dirty. Was so tired after work i forgot to do an after work shot. But it was a simple one, didn't take more than 3hours. Its just a friend's place and I will like to do yours. No charges but after work she was so impressed and paid a fee. It's nothing worth the value of what she got.
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