Wednesday, 30 July 2014

If the only option you have is to change or die will you change or die?

In the last few weeks I have been thinking on the subject matter CHANGE. I take a walk, work and sleep it. I really do want to wake up to something new, especially that the old is becoming like a dead sentence. 
There come a time when the only option to staying alive (and i don't mean just breathing, i mean fulfilling your full potential and been at your best that is when you are truly living) is CHANGE.But the question is: "Why does it take us so long to put in place urgently required changes in our activities, behaviors and attitudes, whether that is in our personal lives or our businesses, in spite of the fact that we have been provided with, and accepted incontrovertible evidence that our activities are fundamentally damaging to our lives?"

Those of you who know me will be aware that for the last ten years and more I have been easily tempted to over-indulge in food, particularly meals from Africa narrowing down to my village. I intend to feed on them most times like a glutton and you already know that will definitely have a negative effect on my weight and intelligence. Now i found a way out, am changed or lets say am changing and better with my diet and the reward is fabulous. Whatever we want to be, we can work it out.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Liberia takes stringent measures against Ebola disease.

Reporting from TODAY
The Liberian government has closed most of the West African nation’s border crossings and introduced stringent health measures to curb the spread of the deadly Ebola virus that has killed at least 660 people across the region. 
The new measures announced by the government on Sunday came as Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone struggle to contain the worst outbreak yet of the virus. Speaking at a task force meeting, Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the government was doing everything to fight the virus, including inspecting and testing all outgoing and incoming airline passengers. “All borders of Liberia will be closed with the exception of major entry points. At these entry points, preventive and testing centres will be established, and stringent preventive measures to be announced will be scrupulously adhered to,” she said. Ebola can kill up to 90 percent of those who catch it, although the fatality rate of the current outbreak is around 60 percent. 
The outbreak has placed a great strain on the health systems of some of Africa’s poorest countries. Highly contagious, especially in the late stages, its symptoms include vomiting and diarrhoea as well as internal and external bleeding. Under the new measures, public gatherings such as marches, demonstrations and promotional advertisements also will be restricted. “No doubt, the Ebola virus is a national health problem. And as we have also begun to see, it attacks our way of life, with serious economic and social consequences,” Sirleaf said in a statement. Still, despite efforts to fight the disease, the virus continues to spread. Samuel Brisbane, a senior Liberian doctor, who was also treating infected patients has died after contracting the virus, authorities said on Sunday. In Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos, a Liberian man who tested positive died in on Friday. A 33-year-old American doctor working for relief organisation Samaritan’s Purse in Liberia tested positive for the disease on Saturday. The charity said on Sunday a second American, who was helping a team treating Ebola patients at a case management centre in Monrovia had also tested positive.
“We have shut the hospital to enable us to properly quarantine the environment. Some of the hospital staff who were in close contact with the victim have been isolated,” Lagos state health commissioner Jide Idris told Nigerian TV.

Read more at TODAY:

Hangout4Change- How I intend to live differently.

Image result for photos of change
Change is the only constant thing, have heard that too often not to give it a thought. Change is not just for something new, it is for growth. As we grow older certain changes are expected in stature, status and function. Have you fallen below that expectation for your age, then lets talk. Things can change if you want them to, at any age. 
As I awoke this morning, like you my thoughts are things need to change. I need to live differently for a different result. I need not only to meet people's well meaning expectation of me, I need to meet my own expectations and break my own limits. That has left me with too many need to, not to change. As I pondered more on this, i know I have to pay the price for change, and it’s a small price,  compared to the results and impact I will make as a changed person. So lets take a look at some basic things we can do to change our lives and make better impact.

Malaysia Airlines to change name and overhaul brand after two major air disaster.

Will the name change help in changing the trend of air disaster that have hit the airline? But like they say 'If you don't like what you are getting change what you are doing'. So we hope this will change things for Malaysia airline.
Malaysia Airlines is gearing up to possibly change its name and restructure air routes in what’s being deemed a massive brand overhaul. This radical move comes on the heels of two monumental disasters in a six-month period that have left the airline with a damaged reputation. Read more here


Photo: Naeto C cuddles new baby- #ProudFather #Thankful #No2

Rapper Naeto C posted the picture above of him and his new daugther who arrived on 25th of July. He is sure a proud father for the second time and he is grateful for the gift. Congrats to him and his wife. 

President Jonathan's visit to abducted Chibok girl's parents didn't change anything!

The Presidential visit to abducted Chibok girls parents finally happened on the but have that changed anything for the parents? Are they more assured of the Government commitment to finding the missing Chibok girls. Members of Chibok community in Borno State have raised a big NO in answer to the questions.
They have lamented that the Presidential visit gave them no hope but rather it was laden with a promissory speech of what will happen when they are found, which the community are weary of hearing. The only change the visit should have made is to show up with the girls or givie more detail of  government effort in rescuing them. Continue

A fresh bomb blast in Kano this morning.

The Nigeria Police Force just announced that another bomb blast occurred this morning at NNPC mega station along Maiduguri road in Kano state.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Photo: Tomi, Mattew Ashimolowo's son weds Dorothy Kamara

The church wedding ceremony between Tomi Ashimolowo and Dorothy Jeneba Kamara took place today at The KICC Prayer City in Kent. Congrats to them.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Jennifer Lopez marks 45th birthday, she looks 25!

Dinner was served on the patio. The mood was light and sexy," the source added of the party, which was planned by Sindy Mashiah, Lopez's longtime event planner, and Nammos' Karim Amatullah. "Everyone was having a ball. After the meal, Benny Medina got up and made a touching speech. He was saying it's not about the number of years you live, but the years you put into living. After that they brought out the cake—it was enormous! Jennifer blew out the candles and thanked everyone."

After the formal dinner, everyone hit the dance floor. "No one danced more than Jennifer," the source said. "She barely sat down all night! Of course, the DJ played some of her hits. She was really tearing it up, dancing until the very end." Happy birthday to her and we wish her greater years ahead.

Here are the contestants for MTNProject Fame Season7

MTN Project Fame singing competition is a show to watch. The past 6 editions have been interesting and entertaining and many star Nigerian artist have been born on this platform. As Season 7 rolls out, we expect the best of show  every weekend for the period of the competition. Here we present to you the contestants that will dazzle the world with their voice and musical prowess.

Sola is a young man who knew hardship while growing up. He hawked edibles to make ends meet but that has not deterred him from living life to the fullest particularly because of his ability to sing. He currently earns a living doing music. He sings with a couple of music bands and dubbed a “Working Musician” by admirers. Continue......

Photo: Suspected bomber caught disguised as a woman.

The Nigerian military in a statement released on its website says it has taken into custody a man dressed as a woman who is suspected to be connected with the Wednesday 23rd bomb blast targeted at former Head of state, General Buhari. (Pic they released above).
Troops are holding a man suspected to be connected with the explosion targeted at General Buhari on Wednesday. The young man who was apprehended by military patrol team that swooped on the area immediately after the explosion, had disguised as a woman clad in female garb to exude femininity with a brazier affixed to his chest. 

The suspect was arrested while trying to fizzle into a crowd of onlookers when the patrol team arrived the scene. Youths in the area attempted to mob him while he was being arrested but were restrained by troops who quickly whisked him away in an armoured personnel carrier.
He is currently being interrogated by security agencies in a bid to ascertain his links

Photos: Asu Ekiye, Solomon Lange and others at a memorial service organized by Abuja Gospel Artist Forum for Kefee and Pst. John Ibro.

Asu Ekiye and Apos dancing to Kefee’s hit song ‘Branama’.  

On the 20th of July, 2014 Abuja Gospel Artist Forum (AGAF) in collaboration with Fellowship of Gospel Music Ministers of Nigeria(FOGMMON) put together a memorial service to honor the memories of legendary gospel singers Kefee and Pastor John Ibro. The event which was anchored by Pastor Mo aka Madmo boasted a kaleidoscope of gospel music icons in Nigeria which include among others, Asu Ekiye(FOGMMON President), Solomon Lange, Omenesa, Six foot plus, Effizy, CeeDee and Chris Morgan.

Kefee Obareki who is popularly known for her signature songs ‘Branama’ and ‘Kokoroko’ died on the 13th of June after being in coma for about 3weeks. She was buried by family and friends in Delta State on the 11th of July, 2014. The news of her death is still a shock to many. 

Continue to see full photo of event....

Patrick Sawyer - First Nigeria Ebola Patient dies in Lagos.

Yesterday the Lagos State Ministry of Health said a Liberian man is being tested for the deadly Ebola virus in Lagos. The man, Patrick Sawyer, (pictured above) has reportedly died.
According to reports, Patrick died yesterday night at the First Consultant Medical Centre, Obalende, Lagos where he'd been receiving treatment. His condition was said to have worsened.

Sawyer, who was an official of the Liberian Ministry of Finance, arrived in Nigeria on Sunday July 20th for a conference.

May his soul rest in peace.

Is EBOLA air borne? Dr. Victor Oyoyo throws more light on this + tips on avoiding Ebola

Ebola disease is not air borne but contacted via body fluids- Dr. Victor Oyoyo. 

Ebola Disease right now has no cure, but it can be highly avoided when you know what to do. Below are doctor's expert tips on how to protect you and your family from the deadly disease.

1. Avoid bush meat or any meat you are not sure of its source.
2. Wash your hands frequently with detergent or soap using clean water.

3. Avoid trips to Ebola endemic countries (DRC ,UGANDA , CONGO, GABON SUDAN etc)
4. Get a hand sanitizer for people to use in your office and educate them on the importance of sanitizers, Get one for your kids to use in school frequently and if possible for their class.
5. Avoid buying Food stuffs, Clothing or other personal materials from Markets/Shops that share the same vicinity with live or roasted bush meat, dealer’s or sellers
6. Be careful with hands when using railings on the stairs, door knobs and other utilities used by the public.

Ghanians protest high cost of living in Ghana.

Punch News:
Thousands of workers across Ghana have taken to the streets to protest about the rise in the cost of living.

The nationwide strike was organized by the country’s largest trade union congress.

It says the government is mismanaging the economy as inflation is running at close to 15%.
The protesters called for President John Dramani Mahama to restore the 23% subsidy that has been removed from petroleum products.

The national currency, the cedi, has depreciated against the US dollar by more than 27% this year.
BBC Africa’s Sammy Darko in the capital, Accra, says the slump in the currency has led to the price of consumer goods such as sugar and fuel.

Innoncent Idibia aka 2face changes his stage name, nice?

He now wants to be called '2Baba', nice? I think so. The new name depicts his father or baba statues in the Nigeria music industry. Been amongst the first artist that took Nigeria music to a whole new level and considering how long he's been around, 2baba works well. 
It is a common practice amongst famous artistes who have stayed long in their career. So superstar singer and husband — Innocent Idibia is now 2BABA not 2face.

2Face oops 2Baba made the decision known at his Ascension album launch on the 19th of June at the Escape Night Club.

ALERT: Nigeria is at it's breaking point - Bishop Oyedepo warns!

Living Faith Church General Overseer- Bishop David Oyedepo speaks on the state of insecurity in the Nation. Speaking recently on the series of bombings, attacks and political instability, he warns that immediate action needs to be taken by the appropriate quarter in order to bring an end to insurgencies or face a break up as a Nation. Read his speech below:

"I hope that we are willing to find solution to it. I would be the last person in this world to believe that government has not discovered those who are behind Boko Haram. Otherwise, we don’t have any intelligence service in our country. Are they sacred cows that cannot be brought to book? Until we cut the source of their supplies and get those who are involved, we cannot stop them. But the danger is this, and I must say it here, we are at the verge of a break up. That is the truth. It’s unfortunate. The Nigerian nation is too intelligent to claim not to have discovered those who are behind this. So, I really believe it’s all in the hands of the authorities to decide whether they want to confront the issue headlong or to keep watching it until Nigeria breaks up......All that the church can do is to pray. The church is not in power, it has no political power. And when invited, we give advice, when required or called upon. You can’t call someone and say can I advise you?" - Bishop David Oyedepo

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sad: Another bomb explosion in Kano killing many.

A blast occurred around 3 this afternoon at New Road Motor in the Sabongari area of Kano city, according to police sources. The explosive was hidden in a table top fridge disguised as luggage

Details of casualties are still sketchy but eyewitnesses say many were killed and about 10 people injured. Details later...

Wow! Pope meets with Sudanese woman who was spared from death. See photos

Call it divine or luck but it's a different story now for Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim who was just spared a death sentence for marrying his christian love. She flew into Italy this morning in company of her husband Daniel Wani and their two children Martin and Maya and just few hours after her arrival she meets with Pope Francis at Casa Santa Martath inside the Vatican.

According to the head of the Vatican Press Office, Father Federico Lombardi, the meeting took place in a 'very serene & affectionate' environment, and Pope Francis thanked and commended her courage for standing and perseverance in faith against all odds.
Fr. Lombardi said Meriam thanked the Pope for his prayers, saying they provided great support and encouragement to her during her ordeal. See more photos after the cut...

Impeachment: NFF president impeached for misappropriation of funds.

Reporting from LIB:
Members of the board of the Nigeria Football Federation NFF have impeached its president, Aminu Maigari, over allegations of financial misappropriation.
The members today passed a vote of no confidence on Maigari during an executive meeting to review Nigeria’s performance at the just concluded FIFA World Cup. The meeting held at the NFF Glass House Headquarters in Abuja.

Announcing the decision of the board members, Adamu Muazu who represents the North-West on the executive board, said Maigari was removed for Financial misappropriation & Mal-administration and that a more detailed statement on the allegations leveled against Mr. Maigari will soon be made public. He said a new election for the office of the President of the NFF has been slated for August 26th. Continue...

#Change: FG makes collection of insurance benefits for deceased relative easy.

This is a step taking in the right direction, especially that it is the general public driven.It's a change i believe will make life easier for many families who have lost their loved ones who properly was their breadwinner. Beyond the media statements, i hope they have really effected this.

Info from Punch:
The Federal Government has removed the requirement for the presentation of letters of administration by relatives of deceased workers before they can get the insurance benefits of their breadwinners.

Letters of administration are an official court order appointing someone as the administrator of a deceased person’s estate where no valid Will exists. An administrator derives his powers to act from the grant of the letters of administration, and where the letter is not granted, an administrator cannot act.

Breaking: Missing Algerie flight now found crashed.

Missing Air Algerie flight AH5017 has crashed near Niamey, Niger, after flying through violent storms.

Reporting from IBTimes:
The disappeared Air Algerie flight AH5017 has crashed in Niger after flying through violent storms, it has been confirmed.

Algerian television station Elnahar confirmed the plane went down due to bad weather.

The region was badly affected by violent storms and it was earlier said the plane was rerouted while it was flying over Mali.

The plane crashed after passing the capital of Niger and it is presumed all 116 people on board have been killed. The flight was said to have been found near Niamey, the capital of Niger.

Photos: Sudanese woman who was spared death sentence arrives Italy with her kids.

It's a beginning of a new life for Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was recently spared death sentence for apostasy. She is now in Italy where she arrived on Thursday the 24th of July accompanied by her two children, and Italy's Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Lapo Pistelli.

Speaking to journalists at Rome's Ciampino airport this morning, Pistelli said the Italian government have been in 'constant dialogue' with Sudan but did not give more details on Italy's role in securing her exit from Sudan. She was received at the airport by the Italian prime minister, Matteo Renziw. See more photos after the cut..

Another plane disappears- An Algerian plane carrying 116 people. OMG!

This is now getting out of hand and really scary. Another plane disappears! An Air Algerie flight flying from Burkina Faso to Algeria with 116 people on board has dropped off radar.

Swift Air, the operators of the aircraft, say they lost contact with the flight 50 minutes after it took off this morning from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. It was supposed to have arrived at Algiers' Houari Boumediene Airport about four hours later but the plane has just disappeared.

"We have lost contact with the plane. At this moment, emergency services and our staff are working on finding out more on this situation." Swiftair said. The plane, an MD-83, has 110 passengers on-board with 2 pilots and four crew members. Air Algerie is Algeria's national airline.

Kaduna blast: Asari Dokunbo and Mrs. Aisha Buhari's must read reactions.

Ex-Niger-Delta militant Asari Dokubo will always say his mind on these issues and believe it or not he can be annoyingly on point sometimes. He shared his opinion on yesterday's bomb blast in Kaduna that have being heavily speculated as been targeted on General Buhari. He believes the former Head of State was attacked to cause calamity in Nigeria to push the military to take over from President Jonathan. See more tweets and that of Buhari's wife after the cut...

Sanusi and President Jonathan's meeting, what are Nigerians suppose to make of it?

When this picture and information hit my screen, i went into a big laugh. They said it right 'in politics they are no permanent friends or enemies'. This is so true. The ex CBN Governor aka NNPC whistle blower, Lamido Sanusi and President GEJ met and exchanged pleasantries with big smiles yesterday when Sanusi visited the Presidency to break his fast with the President whom have rather been his enemy following his suspension as CBN Governor. Who would have thought this was possible just few months ago?

Lamido Sanusi who is now Emir of Kano was served his suspension letter as the Governor of CBN on the 19th of February from the Presidency. Now on the 23rd of July he is receiving a handshake from the President, what are Nigerians suppose to make of it? Please read on....

FG Appointment: Boboye Oyeyemi now the new Corps Marshall of FRSC.

President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed Boboye Oyeyemi as the new Corps Marshall of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, following the appointment of the former head, Osita Chidoka, as Minister of Aviation. 

Mr. Jonathan said he appointed Mr. Oyeyemi to ensure stability.
He said: “We are appointing Deputy Corp Marshall Oyeyemi as the Corp Marshall. We will expect that you will do a very good job there.

“I believe you will work with your colleagues and make sure that you don’t just maintain what Osita (Chidoka) has done but that you will also improve on that”.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Photo reveals more on Beyonce and Jay Z's breakup rumour.

BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z have been plagued by rumors that their marriage is on the rocks. Some news post claimed over the weekend that only "divine intervention" could save their troubled relationship, and the couple would find a way to "split without divorcing" after their On the Run tour ends in September.

Bey who has a very unique style of answering rumour Over the years, have pulled this one through again with another photo.

On Monday, the 32-year-old Bey posted a photo of herself and Jay Z, 44, swinging their 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy around the streets of Texas. So does the happy family photo mean all is well with the Carter's? Sure it says just that or what do you think?

Thanks for hanging out with Mercy, please leave a comment.

Military Helicopter crash missing Engineer now found alive!

The Engineer crew member of the crashed Nigerian Air Force Mi-35 Helicopter earlier declared missing has been found alive. The crew member who was declared missing when his body could not be located in the vicinity of the crash resurfaced at the military Headquarters in Maiduguri today, having trekked through the bushes after the crash. It is thus confirmed that Flight Lieutenant NM Halilu, Co-Pilot and Warrant Officer Augustine Nwanonenyi, the aircraft technician survived the crash while Flight Lieutenant Onyeka Nwakile was the only one lost in the crash. The family of the officer has been duly informed while the two survivors are in stable condition but receiving medical attention. Meanwhile, search and rescue operation on the incident has been concluded, while investigation into the crash continues. 

FG declares public holiday to mark Sallah.

Image result for photo of public holiday
The Federal Government has declared Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th, July as Public Holidays to mark this year's Eid-el-fitri Sallah celebration.

The Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, made the declaration in a statement issued today by the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Fatima Bamidele.

Moro, in the statement enjoined Muslims faithful and all Nigerians to extend the spiritual benefits of Ramadan to the development of the country.

While noting that peace is sacrosanct for the unity of the country, Moro urged Nigerians to work collectively and show love and justice in their daily living.

Photos from Kaduna blast scene and Gen. Buhari escapes a bomb blast targeted at him.

The second bomb blast that rocked the Kawo area of Kaduna state this afternoon was aimed at former Head of State and Chieftain of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari.

According to a report by BBC Africa, about 90 minutes after the first bomb went off along Alkali Rd, a second explosion ripped through the crowded Kawo area, targeting the motorcade of Gen Buhari.

Gunmen rammed a vehicle into his convoy, firing shots at it. The report says two of Gen. Buhari's bodyguards were slightly wounded in the attack, he however escaped unhurt. (Above is allegedly a pic of Gen. Buhari's car after the attack today). Continue...

A must read: A new mind set for change Nigeria.

The Cock is crowing the sun is shinning, it's a break of a New Nigeria. I look through my eyes of faith and I know Nigerians will cross over all it's trouble and enter into our promised land of peace, prosperity and justice for all. 

Are you are an Activist, a Politician, a Civilian, a Blogger , a Change maker, a Media house, a voice on social media, are you a Nigerian? Then one attribute we must all embrace at this time is the power of a vision/dream. The ability to see beyond our present circumstance and believe even in the face of contrary evidence that Nigeria will rise again! Nigeria will not just rise above her problems but She will rise as the Giant of Africa and a force to be reckoned with in the world's economy. Yes we can! Continue

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