Monday, 25 August 2014

How to be a successful Magician- You will thank me for this.

Am not saying we should disappear and reappear or beat world known magicians like David Copperfield, we might not have that magical power but one thing we can all do is reinvent ourselves in ways that look magical. 

I throw in some news and event from time to time just to give you basic knowledge on current affairs but my main focus for this blog is to inspire change. Realized that refusal to change is the stronghold of all human struggle and one of the most difficult things in life is change.
Don't we all love what’s new, exciting, and a little bit out of the norm - but yet most of us are more comfortable in our safety net of routines, tradition or stability. A web that changes nothing.
Unfortunately, when we’re the ones who are in it -we can’t always identify, let alone transcend, those ideas and values about ourselves that we’ve outgrown, and need to change
The featured before/after photos are ladies who took the chance to change their looks. Awesome, how great and impactful we become when we apply some knowledge.


Morgan Mckean:
One way you can tell when it’s time to move on
from an idea or experience you’ve outgrown
is to tap into your Intuition, and listen..
still your mind, and LISTEN

There, within you, is always a hint of which direction to go...
what choice to make... and ultimately, what path to travel down

When you contemplate an idea or belief
about yourself, the world, or your friends and family
you get a sense or feeling in your system -
one that lends itself to happiness and bliss
or one that causes anxiety and stress

It is by these feelings that you can begin to see
if your thoughts and ideas about your beliefs and identity
match your deepest desires and dreams
about who you want to be

If you’re feeling good, blessed, and happy
when you contemplate this idea
it means you’re on track with your belief system
and you should continue to nurture this thought-stream

If however, you’re feeling anxious, nervous, or fearful in anyway
when you play this story in your imagination
that means it’s time to retreat, and go back to the drawing board
for new, up-lifting, and more life affirming ideas
So, if you want a better, bigger, and more fabulous life
don’t be afraid of change... it’s just a sign that you’re growing
and ready to evolve into the next place that you’re going.

Be an #BeTheChange Agent Tweet this: If you change nothing, Nothing will Change and follow @Hangouts4Change on twitter for your daily news, events and talk that inspire change. Let's do this together, make our Nation and World a better place.


  1. women should take this article and run with it. looks are a priority.

  2. Hello Anonymous, sure a good priority


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