Saturday, 23 August 2014

Silence is golden but you must speak to attract Gold- A must read!

Silence is golden but you must speak to attract Gold. When we feel in our hearts, a strong conviction to do something or a strong feeling about something and remain silent in Fear of the outcome, the reactions, or the response. Many times we have stood in the midst of injustice and whilst we did not support the action, we chose to keep quiet and pass by, saying and doing nothing.

We are in a season and a generation where you must SPEAK OUT to be HEARD. Growing up, I remember being on a program called ‘Speak Out’, this was an NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) program designed to encourage young people to debate on relevant societal issues. Although I doubt if the program is still on air today, it was designed to create a new breed of vocal young people. People who are determined to make their voices heard. People who know that the only way to make that long desired difference in their families, churches, mosques, communities, countries and continents and the world in general, is to SPEAK OUT.

The tongue is clearly a dangerous tool that can get you into trouble, the Bible tells us of taming the tongue (it never said lock it up), it warns us of its ability to put you in trouble when used recklessly (Psalm 34:13, Proverbs 12:18, Ephesians 4:29, Proverbs 18:21). it said we should keep it under control. I subscribe to the ‘Speak less, listen more’ philosophy and it is indeed wise to talk less but extremely foolish not to talk at all, especially when you have a strong conviction in your heart about something you know will never change except you SPEAK OUT. The Power of life and death is in the tongue, but how can you speak life if the tongue remains inactive.

Many people are afraid of SPEAKING OUT because it can get you into deep trouble, and YES if you don’t select your words carefully, it can. Many veteran activists have found themselves jailed, assassinated or executed for being vocal, the likes of Martin Luther King (Jnr), Ken Saro-Wiwa and so on. But ask yourself a question, if all Martin Luther King Jnr was born to do (purpose) was to SPEAK OUT for the discriminated black people and advocate for their civil rights and he chose to ignore it, stay quiet and look for a day job on a white plantation, who knows how long it would have taken for civil rights bill to have been passed.

Some Do’s and Donts.

My candid advice is that we all should learn to SPEAK OUT but SPEAK OUT with wisdom, Never try to dilute your message , use specific but appropriate language fluctuating your tone to fit your major points. Never try to impress the listener, make sure your point is clear and remember that your aim is not to stir up anger, but to pass information across in the gentlest way possible. Make sure your words are not drawn from your emotions; this can be dangerous, draw them from your convictions and finally, make sure you always exhibit sound judgment, before you speak, look at things from different view points.

There is a common saying that words are weapons but do you know that silence is also a weapon? In fact it can be a much more dangerous weapon. Of course some people have taken it to the other extreme and are just too vocal and noisy, that is definitely not what I am trying to say here.

So whether you are young or old, employed or unemployed, educated or illiterate, Colored skin or white, rich or poor. We all have a voice and a very strong voice. We need to SPEAK OUT so we can BE HEARD. 
The above was written by TY Beetseh and published on Me2Igetblog, read it and it speaks just my mind.
We are in an era when we can no longer be quiet. We must constructively speak up for change at all level of human living. Nothing changes except we deliberately speak for and work towards it. #Hangout4Change coming soon on this blog. For now enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay positive.

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