Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo goes back to school.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is back to school. He is set to enroll in National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), to study for a higher degree in Christian Theology. Learning like they say is a life time venture.

Obasanjo is expected to enrol Tuesday as a graduate student at NOUN headquarters in Lagos, according to reports from Premium Times.

He made this know on the school's online news-portal. He is back to school to pursue a doctorate degree, but will have to begin with a Master's degree. In 2009, he successfully obtained a post-Graduate diploma from the institution.

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Explaining why it was important for him, Obasanjo stated: “I’m going back to school because I have to have something to aspire to in every endeavour of life. I always aspire to something new in my farm. I do that in my international activities. I do it in my writing. I do it in the improvement of my academic work which helps to sharpen my brain and strengthen my faith.”

•Obasanjo in class

Due to the flexibility of the Open University, Obasanjo would be able to continue his tight international engagements. He recalled that he had managed to succeed in the course of the previous studies and would do the same now.

“Fortunately, the Open University is flexible enough and I will definitely be able to cope. I was able to cope when I did the Post-Graduate. I was also busy during the period.”

Obasanjo enrolled into the National Open University in 2006 months before the end of his eight-year tenure.

During his graduation ceremony in 2009, the Vice Chancellor of NOUN, Professor Olagbemiro Jegede, described Obasanjo as a hardworking student and praised his academic achievements and attitude towards studies.

Jegede said: “As a student, Obasanjo vigorously pursued his studies on full time basis… He is a shining example of how seriously a student should take his learning. Like everybody, he sat for all the examinations using anonymous matriculation numbers, and by our internal quality control and security-proof control measures, his papers were marked by different tutors located in some of our study centres including Damaturu, Minna and Yenagoa.”

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