Wednesday, 24 September 2014

That one STEP that changes everything!

First step
Once upon a time when we took our first steps in life – we really risked everything, we didn't even know what a step was, but as we watched grown-ups move around us, in ways that look magically, we craved for it. Naturally, with some anxiety and uncertainty we all pushed for that first step that got mummy and daddy really excited. A step that got us up from the ground to a world of soaring possibilities.

It’s not that we gave up crawling all at once, it was still a fairly decent way to get around, but after a number of trials we found out that the “other way” definitely had its advantages and taking another step will change everything.

We are a step away from the Change we so dearly want to see. Keep moving........ Thanks for hanging out with Mercy today.

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