Tuesday, 23 December 2014

#2015-THE LEADERS WE SHOULD ELECT - Sirajo Mudi Kurfi

If Nigeria has been blessed by God with abundance of natural resources- land area, mineral, animal, water, forest resources not to talk of population, favourable climate, etc, yet we are armies of unemployed, poor and underdeveloped.

It is therefore imperative we strategize our leadership style and pick the person to lead us especially owing to the fact that Nigeria will be electing its leaders, come 2015. Late Chinua Achebe once said “the Nigerian problem is the unwillingness of its leaders to rise to the challenge of personal example which is the hallmark of true leadership”.In my own humble opinion a good and effective leader should be a man with a purpose. Someone who can identify a problem and will not let it go no matter what. This quality is very critical for there will be times when everything will desert him, only his iron will says “keep going”. Alhaji Maitama Sule the Dan Masanin Kano, also known for his eloquence, in one of his speeches on leadership, described a leader comparing him to a Fulani herdsman. When a Fulani man is leading his cattle, he will go through thick and thin across the country with only one purpose in mind, how to satisfy his cattle not minding how he fends. You will never see a Fulani man taking cover from sun or rain away from his cattle. Continue......

No one can lead without being criticized, discouraged and occasionally betrayed for this purpose we need a tough minded person as a leader. This psychological toughness prepares him for the inescapable stress attached to the executive office, while he remains focus in trying to satisfy his people. McClelland and Burnham states that the successful business leaders met seemed older, wiser; more mature, less egotistic, and defensive and more willing to seek advice than average person and they had fewer personal possessions. David McClelland is an American psychologist well known for his need theory. A greedy man cannot be an effective leader, because to be an effective leader you must be ready to make sacrifice. Caesar once said “what affect us ourselves shall last be served”. At this stage we need a charismatic leader to redeem us from our predicament. A charismatic leader is perceived as a heroic, saintly or otherwise peculiarly gifted man whose authority is based on his personal charisma when institutions are weak or under stress. Charismatic leaders are persistent in the face of obstacles, advocate change and challenge status quo. Don’t take my word for it; ask Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Alassan Qattara and many more.

Sirajo Mudi Kurfi. (DailyTrust)

This is very apt, as we prepare to pick our leader soon in Nigeria. #Votewisely.  

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