Tuesday, 23 December 2014

#ChildBride: 14 year old girl agrees to killing 35 year old husband with rat poison in Nigeria.

Wasila Tasi'u the 14 year muslim girl who was accused of killing her 35 year old husband, yesterday agreed to committing the crime. She admitted to killing her husband and signed a police confession with a thumbprint because she cannot write. Some American commentators thinks Nigeria is a sick country and wonders why USA and other foreign country offer any help to Nigeria. Continue to read more on Wasila's case and the comments.
Wasila Tasi'u, who is from a poor and deeply conservative Muslim family, has been charged with murdering her husband Umar Sani days after their marriage in northern Kano state.

Because she did not understand English, homicide investigator Abdullahi Adamu translated her statement from the Hausa language dominant in the region and gave her the document to sign.

She could not write her name, so "she had to use a thumbprint," he told the court during his testimony on the last day of the prosecution’s case.

The state's lawyers, who are seeking the death penalty, also called to the stand Tasi'u's "co-wife", a term referring to the woman -- identified as Ramatu -- whom the deceased farmer had married previously in a region where polygamy is widespread.

Ramatu said she got along well with Tasi'u and that the two had prepared the food together on April 5, the day Sani died.

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