Thursday, 26 February 2015

APC reveals with evidence the alleged plot by Presidency to humiliate Buhari in London

There have been more controversy coming out of Buhari's visit to London than that of his school certificate. This new one is quite alarming. 

APC have produced evidence  that indicates the Presidency have bribed Protesters, a Nigerian group in Uk With $20,000 to carry out  a protest rally against the APC Presidential flag bearer in London.

According to the plan, protesters are to arrive at the Chatham house were he is scheduled to speak today and start chanting anti Buhari and anti Military songs. They are also to make speeches of his alleged dictatorship rule. Pictured above is one of the evidence, see more after the cut.... 

It was also reported on Tribune that the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate in the 2015 presidential election, Major General Muhammed Buhari, on Tuesday, failed to attend the presidential rally organised by APC Diaspora Community in the United Kingdom.

Buhari arrived in London last Thursday and was scheduled to meet with the Nigerian community, APC supporters in UK and give a talk later in the week at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of Public Affairs.

However, APC supporters across the UK who converged at the Everlasting Arms Ministries Church in East London for the presidential rally, were disappointed when the party flag bearer did not turn up.

Although no reason was given for his absence, the party’s spokesman, Lai Mohammed, debunked rumours that Buhari was ill, adding that the rally was not part of Buhari’s itinerary.

Mohammed said since the APC candidate arrived in the UK, he had been meeting and consulting with political leaders, while also having some rest after his energy-sapping nationwide campaign.
More of the alleged evidence by APC below:

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