Thursday, 26 February 2015

Stepping Into Your Feminine Power by Morgan Mckean

Morgan Mckean is one life coach i always read. She is inspiring and this article is a must read for all the fabulous women out there. Enjoy it below:

When I began intentionally connecting with my Feminine Power, and no I don't mean using my physicality to get ahead, but getting in touch with what it really means to for me to be a woman, a deeper understanding of who I am, and what choices would bring me the most satisfaction were revealed to me. Hence, helping me to manifest more people, things, and experiences that keep me in a happy or "Feel Good!" state. Continue.......

Taking the journey of unlearning who the world has taught you to be, so that you can embrace who you really are, is a process. One that might not always be pleasant either. However, the good news is that taking the journey, with all it's ups and downs, will lead you to the kind of life you've always dreamt of. 

While there are lots of things you can do to step into your Feminine Energy, here are 3 Tips to help you start the process: 

1. CONNECT TO YOUR INTUITION :: Take time daily to listen to your inner hunches. Pay attention to those little nudges you receive that tell you things like who to call, where to park, and who to avoid in your daily routine. The more you practice tuning in, the better you'll get at receiving the Uni-verse's messages.

2. FIND YOUR TRIBE :: If you don't already have one, or you find yourself in a group that you don't really fit into, begin looking for people who genuinely like, and see life, the way you do. When you're able to be intimate with others, and be vulnerable with them, you are that much more likely to stay committed to becoming the new and improved you. 

3. STOP COMPROMISING YOURSELF :: Today's the day, and now is the time to stop playing small/- to stop pretending that your wants, needs, and dreams are any less valuable than anyone else's, and that you're not worth going after them. So make a list, dream out-loud, or find someway to get into your thought-stream how it is you WANT your life to be, and then start working towards it.

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