Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A must read: ChangeNigeria: Beyond the politics, let's do some real change talk.

Glad, I have been able to do some blogging this week. Not fully back yet, but will resume full blogging soon. Re-posting this just in-case you didn't see it the last time I published it. Enjoy the read and get challenged to make a difference.

Have never heard or seen Nigerians clamor for Change like have been witnessed in recent times. The opposition party √ĄPC were very strategic and only picked their "Change" campaign slogan after feeling the heart beat of Nigerians. You didn't need a doctor's thermometer to have felt the intense cry for change in the heart of Nigerians. The State of the Nation was nothing that gives hope, lives were been lost daily to insurgents and other societal crime, corruption became the order of the day, social amenities on decline and the government of the day was laden with anti public statements and policies. Advocating for change was a  natural response for all the troubles. 

Riding on the clamor for change, presidential candidates were very extravagant with promises at the presidential campaigns. They held nothing back as they made huge and somewhat unrealistic promises to bring positive change and make life better for the people. While the incumbent President offered a very tempting Transformation agenda, Nigerians rather voted for his opponent's alluring Change agenda considering that a good number of Nigerians perceived the incumbent president's 6 year tenure as a failure. 

Moving forward, the government of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was successful changed and in a few days we will be transiting to a new government led by APC's General Muhammadu Buhari. With this change of government, Nigerians are no longer clamoring for change, it is widely believed that change has come. Even though I enjoy that school of thought that the Buhari led government will bring the change advocated for, I also think the key players for change will be the people not solely the government.

Why am I saying so? "In a free society government reflect the soul of the people, If people want change at the top, they will have to live differently. Our major social problems are not the cause of the decadence, they are a reflection of it." A quote by Cal Thomas an American journalist. President elect Buhari can put up his best skills to salvage the state of the Nation, lets say in his 8 year tenure, yet his effort will amount to little or nothing if Nigerians don't live differently and join hands together to move the country forward. We must all become Change Agents in our own little ways. Democracy as we were taught, is government of the people, by the people and for the people. The people have the power to change anything whether good or bad. So lets govern well from our homes, offices, business place, streets and public places. We must shine the light of our social conscience bright and stand for what is right. Say no to every corrupt and law breaking practice that have become a common trend in Nigeria. The myth that Nigerians break laws, don't pay bills/tax, are corrupt, lack decent and well groomed environment etc can change, and you can lead that change.

A good amount of positive energy from a good number of Nigerians who are ready to make sacrifices, live differently and show patriotism will make the difference in the Buharian Change Government. As El-rufai the Kaduna State Governor elect said in his book, "The Accidental Public Servant" - The struggle to preserve a flicker of hope in every heart, and to ensure a better life for every citizen, requires many hands pushing forward together. I hope someday, and soon, some of you will join us."

Am glad the awareness quotient in Nigeria is improving exponentially. More Nigerians are engaging for good governance, and the result of this is already reflecting positively in Nigeria politics of today. It's time to reflect, be deliberate and build this Nation together. Now, we have that great opportunity in our hands, let's maximize it. 

Will be using my blog whose main theme or vision is to drive positive change for my dear country Nigeria in advocating and sharing tips on how people can lead well and govern from the grassroots, and the ripple effect  that can have on key leaders and in the overall governance of the Nation. Watch out for more info on this and your participation will be required. Please leave a comment.

Thanks. God bless you, God bless Nigeria.

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