Saturday, 2 May 2015

Do you look your age, older or younger? can tell you in seconds.

Age is nothing but numbers and you're only as old as you think you are, they say. But this website have an idea how old you are or look, it was created by Microsoft. According to the photo above Kim K looks her real age, 34 while 37 year old Kanye was aged 38 by the machine. Interestingly the woman behind them was aged 6 and she is probably 30. lol. Continue for more details.....

In a machine learning experiment that's taken social vanity to new heights, Microsoft has created a website that tells you how old you look just by analyzing your photo.

Sometimes it's dead on. Other times it's hilariously, outrageously wrong.

It's simple: Upload a selfie, wait a few seconds -- then the machine gives you a number.

And since it can analyze anyone's photo, you can compare yourself to your friends, family, and foes.

But guessing someone's age is a dangerous game, even for a robot. That's probably why the site comes with a sheepish apology. "Sorry if we didn't quite get the age and gender right," it says after each result.

The company unveiled the website at a conference Thursday as a way to show off its new software.

Part of the new initiative called Project Oxford, Microsoft says you could use this face detection technology for tasks like sorting through a large photo collection.

But we're human, so we'll probably just use it to judge our own looks and everyone else's.

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