Tuesday, 26 May 2015

President elect Buhari rejects ministerial list, warns against interference in his government.

President elect Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly turned down the ministerial list suggested to him by APC politicians. 

According to report by Thisday sources, the president-elect might be heading for collision with the party leadership in the states just ahead of the May 29 power transition.

The APC politician already used to say that he would not allow anyone to decide for him on the ministers. Continue.......

In a recent development the source confirmed the information that the president-elect had resisted the pressure.

“He is insisting that no one has the right to appoint ministers for him since he would not appoint commissioners for any of the state governors.”

According to the report Buhari's trip to the UK was partially connected with this confrontation, as he left Nigeria to escape from the pressures being mounted on him by influential persons who want to advance their candidates.

A party chieftain who pleaded for anonymity narrated that some non-partisan professionals and technocrats who did not participate in the APC struggle for power now wanted to hijack the positions in the cabinet.

Adding to the issue of the ministerial positions, sources disclosed that Buhari had been submitted long lists of names. It is alleged that the APC governors planned to lobby for at least a slot for one of the three nominees approved by the party from each state.

Vanguard adds that Buhari, dissatisfied with the current development, directed the the party heads to pass the message of non interference to the governors. 

Meanwhile things are gradually being settled for the upcoming ceremony of power transition scheduled for Friday.

Namadi Sambo-led transition committee yesterday presented the handover note to Buhari’s committee headed by Ahmed Joda.

This comes after a series of accusations that the acting authorities are refusing to cooperate with the incoming government to enable smooth power transition.

Reported from Naij.com

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