Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Time for Change - You'll be glad you read this- #Hangouts4Change.

Every successful person has a story. And if you listen closely, their stories have a common thread. They typically involve a huge, insurmountable obstacle. Using resources they never knew they had, against all odds, they managed to overcome that situation and turn it around. It didn’t matter what the obstacle was — could have been their childhood, tragedy, debt, health — they had a compelling reason to get out of it. They had a huge “why” that needed a breakthrough.

You’re hungry for something, you’re at that same place in your life. You’re facing an obstacle — could be finances, health, whatever. You want something more for yourself, a better life, a bigger destiny but the world around us isn’t getting any easier, more peaceful or less challenging. The thing to remember is, like the successful heroes who came before us, they stood at the cusp of greatness and they found a way. They found a way to be better, do more, and change their circumstances. They discovered a truth — bigger the “why”, the easier the “how”. Continue

You can’t make that change until you really know what’s influencing and driving you. The good news? The excuses you use, the stories you tell yourself, and the bad habits you have — are all within your power to change! If you want it bad enough, you will find the “how”, the resources you need to get what you want.

If there’s a problem in your life right now, perhaps this simple exercise can help you on your way to find greater clarity in your situation.
Find the Symptoms

Ask yourself:

* What’s not working?

* What do you want to change?
Examine the Cause

Ask yourself:

* What are the underlying causes?

* What’s stopping you from fixing this?
Describe the Outcomes

Ask yourself:

* What do you want instead of the problem?

* Where do you want to end up?
Visualize the Effects

Ask yourself:

* What will it do for you if you attain your goal?

* How will reaching your outcome change things?
Explore your Resources

Ask yourself:

* What skills/money/equipment/contacts do you have that will help you to solve your problem?

* Have you faced a problem like this before? How did you solve it?

Finding the way out of our situation starts when we look at the resources we have and start to use them. That’s the beginning of how we change. Then we need to make a decision and take massive action to effect that change. When our “shoulds” become “musts”, when our doubts become resolve, and our procrastination becomes purpose.

Of course, not everyone has the tenacity to will themselves to change on their own. Some of us need that extra bit of help, people who support us through the radical change we want, to push us over the “tipping point”. There’s a ton of tools at our disposal and one of them is Unleash the Power Within.

For all of Steve Jobs(Late CEO of Apple) faults, one cannot help but admire his life of dedication to his goals. In spite of great personal difficulties, Jobs achieved a level of business success that is truly rare. Jobs was able to make his dream a reality because he never stopped believing. He never gave up even when it seemed like the goal was unreachable . His goal was more than making money; he was deeply committed his vision of creating “insanely great” products. For me, Jobs Zero to Hero story is a perfect example of how vision and perseverance make dreams come true. Go for it!

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