Saturday, 27 June 2015

Creating A Peace Haven In Your Home (2)

This does not mean your home is filled with lit candles or dim lighting and soft music, simply creating a peaceful atmosphere with some fresh flowers, a subtle neutral scent and a comfortable place to sit and chat. Gave you a part one of this edition yesterday and i thought i should add a little more insights that will help you understand this even more.

I believe that every home should be welcoming and comfortable as well as beautiful and functional and I also believe that this is possible if only we all have the right mind set not just the cash as most people think. 

Every thing starts from the mind, yes everything even a clean and functional environment starts from the mind so also the reverse tacky and untidy environment/ambiance also starts from the mind. So lets get our minds right on this. KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN Please. This are my easy simple steps, just five of them and you will be glad you acted on them. 

(1) I Want A Peace Haven Home: Like i mentioned in my introduction every thing begins from the mind so to create a Peace Haven in your home you have to desire it and know that it is possible. That is one of the main aim of this blog, to generate a mindset that lives above the average all round. So you are at the right place dear and you deserve a great life believe it , act it and live it.

(2) Wall First: No Clean Wall no Clean Room no matter what. For me this law is simple, once your wall is stained, cracked, soaked, peel in dirty and wrong you cant get any other thing right. So i always follow the wall first principle which says the first thing i have to deal with in my room is my walls. A clean wall can embrace anything but a dirty wall will swallow the best of furniture. So check your walls if it is dirty, pls do something simple to correct it. If not peace is far away from your home and please don't spiritualize this one, thanks.

(3) No Oldies Pls: I know about 60s in 90s but we are now in the 21st century where the only way oldies can work is when it is refurnished re branded or readdressed. When you keep old looking furniture that are no longer functional you not only block peace but you also block fresh air. Believe me get rid of them or give them a refurbish and you will tell me the testimony. I will rather not have a thing than have an old looking version of it. And i mean anything.

(4)Make House Keeping A Hobby: Since hobbies are what we like doing, then lets like to keep our house in order. I have a friend who emulates this. She keeps her house clean naturally. It is hard to catch her bed rumbled even when she is sleeping on it. Don't make it a task but a pleasure picking up and cleaning up things and if you don't have the time get help from someone who has the time now.

(5) Have Space For Everything And Keep Everything In There Space: This is my favorite and my own interior line. I use to have a friend who keeps everything on his fridge. All his toiletries provisions and books were on his fridge, that shocked and amazed me. But even more amazing is a woman who just throw things around. I know a lot of us make space but keeping things in their space takes a little more effort. Once you notice it's out, just reach out and pick it up and drop it where it belongs.

Enjoy yourself. Be the best you, believe, act and live your dreams. visit for all your home and interior solutions.

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