Friday, 5 June 2015

Exclusive Interview with Police Service Commission "247.5 million Whistle Blower" Aaron Kaase.

The Guardian News on Monday, 1st of June, 2015 reported the story of an alleged financial fraud in Nigeria Police Service Commission. The whistle blower Mr. Aaron Kaase who uncovered the fraud, alleged that the sum of N247.5 million which was given to the commission for the training of staff in preparation for the 2015 elections, were not used for that purpose. Mr. Aaron submitted a report to EFCC, accusing the commission of falsifying the figures, alleging that the said amount was misappropriated and the proposed training was a fade. Click on Guardian for full details of the story.

I followed up on Aaron Kaase aka “the whistle blower”and he granted me an exclusive phone interview. He talked about himself, the whistle blowing incidence and his passion for Nigeria. It is his utmost desire that corruption is fought to a standstill in Nigeria. Read the revealing interview after the cut…….

Question: Mr. Aaron can you give us a brief introduction of of yourself.

Answer: My name is Mr. Aaron Kaase, I am from Benue State. A Benue State University English graduate and I obtained a Masters in Gender studies from the same institution. I work in the Police Service Commission; I am married and I have 4 children.

Question: Now on the whistle blowing incidence, what is your drive and motive behind it considering the risk involved.

Answer: We cannot continue to hide under fear and allow impunity to go on unabated in Nigeria. Inspite of the likely dangers of losing job and threat on one’s life, we have to speak out and not be quiet. I have no personal interest in this; this is solely for my love for the country. I have been an activist from school days, were I actively stood up for what is right for the people. For a commission such as the Police Service Commission who oversees the affairs of the Police Force, they cannot afford to take their responsibility likely considering the important role they play in the affair of the Nation. I was driven by the police to a jail in Kuje like they were on a suicide mission; I met all the bail conditions and was released. I have also been suspended from work and my life is been threatened as a result of uncovering the financial fraud. The challenges that come with national service are enormous, but surmountable.

Question: The said amount is N275.5 million, the commission have swiftly denied this allegations saying the amount was used for the purpose in which it was intended, and they have a balance of N133.6 million in their account, what do you have to say about that?

Answer: This is a clear case of 419. How can one carry a letter headed paper and write to NSA to ask for funds to train an x amount of staff which is many times less than the total number of the commission's entire staff, which is as we speak, not up to 400. They are paper evidence to back up these claims. How can they claim they used corpers and interns when there was an incidence, which is well known by staff of the Commission, where the Chairman of the commission addressed Youth Corpers who were hopeful on being a part of the training and election exercise, saying he won’t involve them insinuating that he has a responsibility to their parents to protect their lives, so he doesn’t want to risk their lives by involving them in the exercise,considering the high rate of electoral violence all around the country. The commission simply deceived the Agency.

Question: The commission also alleged your act is been seen as a malicious act against the commission to malign and ridicule the person of the Chairman.

Answer: The Chairman is right now very desperate to clear his name. He invited me to his office on Tuesday and offered to recall me back to work if I am willing to abide by their conditions. Part of the condition was to write an apology letter to him and make a media statement reversing my accusation. In an attempt to turn that down, the chairman went furious. In order to safely leave their presence, i wittily agreed to the terms, but when I received a follow up call from the Chairman’s lawyer, I bluntly made my true intention known and told him I was not ready to play by their rules. I have no intentions of ridiculing anyone, but those who insist on ruining this Nation and enriching only themselves must be exposed.

Question: You said your life is been threatened?

Answer: Yes I have received a number of threat messages and my wife spotted the Chairman’s SA who knows my residence, around my environment pointing out my house to someone. I reported the threat case so should anything happen, the appropriate quarter will be held responsible.

Question: Are there any Human Right Body or Agency supporting you on this?

Answer: They are none yet, but I have reported to some NGOs which I won’t be revealing their names yet.

Question: In your statement on Guardian, you revealed you are ready to pay the supreme price if need be, can you throw more light on that?

Answer: My fight for justice is based on my personal conviction. Whatever is right for Mr. President is right for all Nigerians. Whatever the cost for justice and equity is, I am willing to pay it.

Question: What message do you want to pass to Nigerians as you fight this cause for the land?

Answer: The fight against corruption is not just for the President or Governors, it is a fight for all Nigerians. Death is inevitable for all, so we should not as a result of fear keep quiet in the face of impunity. We must rise up to fight corruption collectively. Whatever responsibility we have as citizens, we must do it well for our children and for a better country.

Thank you Mr. Aaron Kaase for granting us this interview, I believe in your fight and I pray you get vindicated soonest. It is also my utmost desire that your effort and fight for the good of the land be recognized and commended by Nigerians. May posterity remember you for this. I do salute your courage.

Investigations are on-going and we will be bringing you report as it progresses. Thank you.

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