Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Must Watch: Would you love your wife less for becoming fatter? True love keeps no record of weight, let this video inspire you.

Man Writes A Song For His Wife Declaring His Love For Her No Matter Her Weight When this husband found his wife’s journal, he shamelessly opened it and read her painful admission. She was devastated at her recent weight gain and felt hopelessly out of control. Determined not to stand by and watch his wife and best friend become unhappy, he decided to step in and intervene. Declaring his undying love for her, no matter what her size, he wrote and performed this song for her. With lyrics like “Do it for yourself and your health. In your journey to become lean, you can always lean on me.” And, “I could care less if you have a slim body, because I love you for the qualities that you embody.” He goes on to sing "I love you through thick and thin. True love keeps no record of weight." As women, at one time or another I think we all feel a little insecure. Unfortunately, in today’s society being thin in what is asked of us. What a wonderful and supportive man to step up to his wife’s aid and help her realize that beauty comes from within, and what makes a woman beautiful is her kindness and compassion, her love for life, her passion. Thank you for the wonderful reminder! Enjoy the video below:

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