Wednesday, 19 August 2015

#MustRead: Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria call obey.

After doing the 15ways to be the change you want to see in Nigeria. My next article on driving patriotism is to write on each line of the National anthem and pledge. Highlighting its key points and call to action. Like I always say, Nigeria can only be built by Nigerians and now is the time to get involved in the Change and better Nigeria agenda. Will be sharing each line of the anthem and calling Nigerians to action, to act upon that which we sing with little or no thought. If we recited it in Primary School, now is the time to act it out. Starting with the first line - "Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria call obey." Read it after the cut.......

Ambition: A core value to Nation building by Bobby Udoh

Posting on my blog again! Really excited about that, been off for about a month and I miss every bit of blogging. Came in here to stay in touch with you and to also say I will be back and better soonest. 

Been a patriotic/national driven blog, I always share Bobby Udoh's nation building article. In his August edition he writes about ambition as a core value to Nation building. What is your ambition for Nigeria? Read the thought provoking article below and don't forget to be the change you want to see in Nigeria.

After studying the attitude of Nigerians for years now as part of my nation-building work, I wrote an article titled"Core Values: The Missing Ingredient". In that article, I posited that: Continue.......

Monday, 3 August 2015

#MustRead: National Anthem – The Call, The Challenge, The Charge.

Nigeria’s National Anthem “Arise O Compatriots” was written in 1978 by the Police band under the directorship of Benedict E. Odiase. According to findings it was taken from five of the best entries in a national contest.

More than the police band rhythm, more than the attention and salute, more than been recited, Nigeria’s National Anthem is a Call to Action, A Challenge to build a nation and A Charge to serve our father’s land. A good look at the lyrics reveals it is not just to be recited but acted upon by Nigerians in order to build a great Nation bound in freedom, peace, unity, justice and prosperity. Please read on after the cut.......

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