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Ambition: A core value to Nation building by Bobby Udoh

Posting on my blog again! Really excited about that, been off for about a month and I miss every bit of blogging. Came in here to stay in touch with you and to also say I will be back and better soonest. 

Been a patriotic/national driven blog, I always share Bobby Udoh's nation building article. In his August edition he writes about ambition as a core value to Nation building. What is your ambition for Nigeria? Read the thought provoking article below and don't forget to be the change you want to see in Nigeria.

After studying the attitude of Nigerians for years now as part of my nation-building work, I wrote an article titled"Core Values: The Missing Ingredient". In that article, I posited that: Continue.......
“I am fully persuaded that our greatest need is for a critical mass of citizens to adopt, practice, teach and inspire these values in and through their lives. In doing so, we do not only provide the much needed foundation for credible leadership but more than that, we will see a significant rise in credible leadership at all levels of governance and in all sectors (the home, school, place of worship, workplace) of our nation.”

In his book, “The Heart of America: Ten Core Values That Make Our Country Great”, Bill Halamandaris listed ten core values that built America. Ten values with proven ability to build a world superpower:

Compassion Opportunity Responsibility Equality

Valour Ambition Liberty Unity Enterprise Spirituality

For the month of August, my focus will be on the sixth core value – Ambition. The remaining four months of the year will be dedicated to the remaining four values. 

What is Ambition?

Ambition can be defined as an eager or strong desire to accomplish something and the willingness to strive for its attainment. Anyone that has ever created anything, given this world any value, or simply aspired to greater heights, had a certain ambitious quality.

Ambition, as a core nation-building value, will create a citizenry with a strong desire to accomplish great things for Nigeria. This will result in many citizens creating and implementing solutions that will address our numerous challenges and in doing so, create big platforms for many other endeavours (global commercial and non-commercial Nigerian initiatives).

What benefits does this value bring to nation-building?

To see this value in action, we will look at it from its association with the other nation-building core values.

Compassion: When we are moved by compassion we take action through our ambition. So, in effect, ambition is the difference between an action led by pity (short term focus) and an action led by compassion (long term focus).

Opportunity: With a strong desire to accomplish great things for Nigeria, we become attentive to opportunities. Sometimes, where opportunities do not exist, we create them to enable us fulfill our ambition.

Responsibility: Though ambition for national development is a fruit of responsibility, the strong desire to keep the pursuit, despite the numerous challenges, is how ambition helps us sustain the value of Responsibility.

Equality: The pursuit of a national ambition is certainly the pursuit of equality because it always seeks ultimately to raise the value of all citizens. Other nation-building core values such as compassion, unity and spirituality helps to keep ambition focused on delivering equality.

Valour: The dreaming and planning of a great national ambition stirs within us the valour to launch out. There is no doubt that most ambition will sound foolish or impossible to most people but that strong desire ambition brings causes us to launch out with courage.

Liberty: One of the biggest benefits of a great national ambition is that it removes limitations set by our thoughts and society. The strong desire to accomplish great things for Nigeria will cause us to change mindset and it is a liberated person who can harness opportunities with valour and enterprise.

Unity: The pursuit of our national ambition will compel us to become united because many of the people who will contribute one way or the other towards the attainment of our ambition will be people from other ethnic groups. The pursuit of ambition removes ethnic colouration and enables us see others are fellow citizens of Nigeria and of the world.

Enterprise: Great national ambition with a liberated and courageous mind leads inevitably to the expression of enterprise. Usually, the opposition to our plans, the lack of moral or financial support or the overwhelming situation will lead us to arise with enterprise.

Spirituality: As the mother of all nation-building core values, spirituality gives birth to ambition and helps to keep it within nation-building boundaries. However, the pursuit of ambition is the borne out of the knowledge that we will give account to a supreme being.

How do we develop Ambition as a core value?

Through study: A sincere and intimate relationship with God will open us to a national ambition. We must also consistently read stories of ambitious citizens of our nation and that of developed nations, to get inspired and gain practical steps to put into practice.

Through Practice: We need to put into practice what we’ve learnt about ambition because our understanding will grow as we practice. As our understanding grows, our exhibition of ambition will be stronger and more visible to others.

Through Teaching: We have a duty to teach others about this value and we do so through our communication, our modeling and our mentoring. We do this to raise the critical mass of citizens with the right mindset and core values actively participating in efforts to build a developed Nigeria.

Many will be converted into nation-building by our teaching of the core values particularly through our modeling (our example).


In my study of history and from reading biographies, I have observed time and time again the birth of a national ambition emerging in a time of national crisis. This tells me, Nigeria is ripe for a critical mass of citizens to arise with great national ambition in that sector they find the most pain.

So, what is your ambition for Nigeria?

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