Wednesday, 19 August 2015

#MustRead: Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria call obey.

After doing the 15ways to be the change you want to see in Nigeria. My next article on driving patriotism is to write on each line of the National anthem and pledge. Highlighting its key points and call to action. Like I always say, Nigeria can only be built by Nigerians and now is the time to get involved in the Change and better Nigeria agenda. Will be sharing each line of the anthem and calling Nigerians to action, to act upon that which we sing with little or no thought. If we recited it in Primary School, now is the time to act it out. Starting with the first line - "Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria call obey." Read it after the cut.......
A compatriot is a countryman or woman, one who has his nation at heart and who will engage in patriotic ventures to honour, promote and build her. Whenever you recite the national anthem, one truth that should come to your mind is that you are making a clarion call. Nigeria is calling on men and women to arise to the occasion of making her great, and the question here is, will you obey? We need to raise Nigeria’s Mandelas and Luther King.

From the President in the villa to the Peasant on the Street, “Arise, O Compatriots, Nigeria call obey.” Obey the call to service, obey the call to build and not destroy. This is the CALL!

The other lines of the anthem which will be outlined in subsequent episodes of “National anthem – The Call, The Challenge, The Charge” will highlight more on the challenge and the charge. Now is the time to act for country’s love, this is our home. Now is the time to “Arise O Compatriots” obey Nigeria’s call to build and make her great.

The anthem is a call to action for everyone. It requires that we all put our hands together and work. Change is here, let’s be that change and our New Nigeria dream shall surely be fulfilled.

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