Monday, 3 August 2015

#MustRead: National Anthem – The Call, The Challenge, The Charge.

Nigeria’s National Anthem “Arise O Compatriots” was written in 1978 by the Police band under the directorship of Benedict E. Odiase. According to findings it was taken from five of the best entries in a national contest.

More than the police band rhythm, more than the attention and salute, more than been recited, Nigeria’s National Anthem is a Call to Action, A Challenge to build a nation and A Charge to serve our father’s land. A good look at the lyrics reveals it is not just to be recited but acted upon by Nigerians in order to build a great Nation bound in freedom, peace, unity, justice and prosperity. Please read on after the cut.......
After doing the 15ways to be the change you want to see in Nigeria. My next article on driving patriotism is to write on each line of the National anthem and pledge. Highlighting its key points and call to action. Like I always say, Nigeria can only be built by Nigerians and now is the time to get involved in the Change and better Nigeria agenda. Will be sharing each line of the anthem and calling Nigerians to action, to act upon that which we sing with little or no thought. If we recited it in Primary School, now is the time to act it out.

The 15 Highlights we will be looking at are:

1. Arise, o Compatriots, Nigeria call obey. 

2. To serve our father’s land with love and strength and faith.

3. The labours of our hero’s past shall never be in vain

4. To serve with heart and might

5. One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity

6. O God of all creation, direct our noble cause

7. Guide our leaders right.

8. Help our youths the truth to know

9. In love and honesty to grow, and living just and true

10. Great lofty heights attain, to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

11. I pledge to Nigeria my country

12. To be faithful, loyal and honest

13. To serve Nigeria with all my strength

14. To uphold her unity, honour and glory

15. So help me God.

Really powerful lyrics they are. Will take a look at each line, finding our call to action points with the aim of inspiring Nigerian readers to Arise as compatriots and build the Nigeria of our dreams. The 15 episode article will begin soon. Watch out for it on this blog.

God bless you and God bless our country Nigeria.

Dear Viewer.
I have been off blogging for over two weeks now. I needed the time off to sort out a project and get reinforced for a better blogging time with you. Am about through and will be back to full blogging soon. Meanwhile I will come up from time to time to share great and patriotic information with you soon. Thank you viewers for staying tuned, do have a fabulous month. 

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