Friday, 2 October 2015

"God Win"crooner Korede Bello inspires greatness with new song "Somebody Great."

God Win crooner, Korede Bello, has said his new song, ‘Somebody Great’, is a prophesy to inspire people to greatness.

Bello told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Friday that he wrote the song to make people visualize success in their minds and then work hard to achieve it.

The new song currently enjoys massive airplay on radio just like the first single, entitled ‘God Win’. Continue......

The musician said, “(It’s) about the people, how we were born into this world and we don’t know how the journey will go and how one’s love will take us from nobody to somebody.

”How I, one day, hope that my voice would unite people and stop bombing and fighting and tribulations.

“That my voice will command authority; it’s not just me, it’s about alleviating people from oppression and mental poverty.

“You can be somebody great, from nobody to somebody; you can be anything you want to be: have love for God, love for people, one love.

“But also one of the reasons why I wrote that song is for people to see themselves as great; because before you can be somebody great, you need to first see it in your mind and you need to prophesy it to yourself, you need to say it to yourself.

“And I guess, those are one of the privileges of being a musician because you can put things out there in a melodic form that can change people’s lives forever.

“The song is more like a prophesy to everybody that listens to it to be able to command authority; command respect and most of all, have mental wealth.”

Culled from Punch

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