Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Man sleeps on lawn outside his house after been kicked out by wife, what!


Sharafat Khan has reportedly been living outside hisI am really intrigued by this story. How a man is now sleeping on the front lawn of his house because his wife kicked him out, what!

According to the gist on USAToday, Neighbors are asking authorities, and a reclusive doctor, to find a solution to a months-long dispute that has left a 69-year-old man camped out in the front yard of his million-dollar house after a dispute with his wife. Read more of the story as reported below:

Sharafat Khan has reportedly been living outside his house, mostly on the front lawn, since his wife, Shahnaz Khan — a Friendswood-area doctor — kicked him out of the house in March and left him with only the clothes on his back.

“I’m really weak, but otherwise OK,” he said Tuesday, seated underneath the palm trees in his front yard on Ray Shell Court.

His wife has placed a sign on the front door asking people not to feed him.

“If you want to feed him, take him to your house. If you want to, you can keep him at your house. Thanks for your sympathy, but do not bring anything on this property,” the sign reads. Click HERE for more.

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