Tuesday, 13 October 2015

#MinisterialScreening: How it went with Sulleiman Hussaini Adamu

The senate has screened Sulleiman Hussaini Adamu, a distinguished civil engineer from Jigawa state. During his presentation, Adamu spoke about the importance of skills acquisition and training. He called for more investment in water infrastructure.

On project delay, he said a major cause is planning and irregular budgeting. Speaking on Nigerian road infrastructure, he called for more attention to be placed on building roads with longer life cycles. He said physical attributes of soils in which roads are to be built on must be taken into great consideration so as to avert road deterioration.

On funding of road development, he said private-private partnership and foreign investment needs to be encouraged. Adamu called on Nigerians to engage building professionals instead of quacks as a way of averting building collapse in Nigeria. He was asked to take a bow and go.


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