Tuesday, 27 October 2015

#MustRead- 15 Ways To Be The Change You Want To See In Nigeria - Be Nationalistic.

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The eleventh point of #15WaysToBeTheChangeYouWantToSeeInNigeria is

11. Be Nationalistic: Been Nationalistic is having strong feelings of love for and pride in your country, so that you think that it is better than any other. No one else will sing the praises of our Nation, we can’t expect South Africans or Brazilians to carry our flags, sing our anthems, play our matches, celebrate our independence, tweet great stuff, treat Nigerians well and speak positive of Nigeria, do we? Nigerians must take pride in this Nation and accord her the accolades we desire to be conferred by other Nations. Believe in the New Nigeria dream, advocate for her good, do right and be right in our homes, offices and on the streets, treasure this land and we will reap of its great treasure anon. We all love those who value us and hang around those who celebrate us. Let’s do same for our country, let’s value her and celebrate her. Nigeria is what Nigerians see it to be and show it to be. Like the slogan “Good people, Great Nation,” we must uphold this Nation with pride and sell Nigeria as a great brand in the community of Nations. #IAmProudToBeNigerian.

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