Friday, 2 October 2015

Photos: The fall that got Denrele looking cool on flat shoes. - Lol

Yeah, the crazy long hair was still intact,  but TV personality, Denrele Edun looked different and cool in flat shoes as he stepped out on stage at a fashion event in Port Harcourt last week. But that's not where the story that got him off of his crazy high louboutin stilettos started. Before the picture above was the one to the left, yes Denrele fell on stage on his heels, ran back stage and changed into a flat heel and stepped back on stage. Here is what he said below:

"Right after the most-buzzed-about-forward-slash-most-reposted-DENRELE-FALL, I had to strut back on the runway in FLAT SHOES!"

Got the cooler version of Denrele when on flat shoes. Why those heely shoes Denrele? You will break your back More after the cut.........

Since I can’t concentrate in FLATS…I had to walk the walk, f**k d pains and strut my talk! It was a walk to deafening applause! B**ch is bad like dat!

Hey…your life is a runway…walk your true walk. People will forever stare. Make it worth their while. He said.

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