Thursday, 22 October 2015

Photos: Nse Etim and husband shows the world how to do it as a couple.

This is beautiful love, laughter, hugs, kisses and all, and am like that's how to roll as a couple. There is a beautiful love story to all this, and Ladun Liadi told a bit of it on her blog. Read what she wrote below
You won’t understand why she did this. Let me tell you a little about their love. Now this guy above with her was her first love. They met in high school and dated for so many years. They both went their separate ways when things didn’t work out, but people in the know say, it was the guy that left even though Nse was still so much in love with him. Anyway, bobo moved on, today he has a 15-year old son. Sometime last year, the duo reconciled, Nse forgave him and took him back. Few months after they got married and the rest is history.
See, their love is so strong that, Nse had to give Nollywood a break to be with the love of her life. Today is her birthday, and she shared photos of them to mark her special day. Women dey love mhennn.
Your love and marriage relationship deserves all the attention, make it happen. #KeepLoving #BeHappy 

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