Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Photos: Unconscious Lamar Odom on brothel bed some hours before he was found and rushed to the hospital.

These are the last images of Lamar Odom before he was found in the midst of a near-fatal overdose. Slumped and motionless in a brothel bed.

The shocking photos were taken Monday night inside the Love Ranch suite where Lamar spent the night with two prostitutes and consumed a mystery cocktail of drink and drugs.

This guy was definitely on a suicide mission, God have mercy.

The pictures, revealed for the first time by Daily Mail Online, shows Lamar sitting on a couch, looking drained and disheveled, you could also see the thighs of one of the prostitutes in this photo. See another photo after the cut........

On the bedside table, circled, are what appear to be a copy of Pimp, the autobiography of the brothel's owner, Dennis Hof; a black sex toy; candles; and baby oil.

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