Saturday, 3 October 2015

What's wrong with being black in Nigeria?

Nigerians are predominantly dark skinned so there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with being black in Nigeria. But an interview with  an Interior Designer on my interior blog revealed otherwise. Her answer to the question "What are your challenges" drew my attention to a disturbing trend in Nigeria's business environment. 

Her white counterparts are given better opportunity to thrive in her industry. They are seen to be expertise, which automatically makes the black person an apprentice. Nigerians are willing to pay the white guy a whole lot more for the same services, which the black might even render better. And I ask, what is wrong with being black in Nigeria? Being black apparently have posed a challenge to our SMEs, killing our productivity and creative potentials . More to be discussed on this later. Read her response below:

Question: What are your challenges?

Well, my topmost challenge is that people love my work and they want it but they just don’t think it should cost money because it is not some white lady from the states that is doing it. The second challenge is awareness.

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