Saturday, 28 November 2015

Emir Sanusi’s Mother Finally Relocates To Traditional Home ‘Babban Daki’

At last, the mother of the Kano emir, His Royal Highness, HRH, Muhammad Sanusi II, has finally relocated to the traditional home, ‘Babban Daki’, where she will be genuinely going along with the traditional title of ‘Mai Babban Daki’.

The traditional home of ‘Babban Daki’ was constructed more of a magnificent ancient outlook by the late Kano Emir, Alhaji Ado Bayero, nonetheless, the 42nd emir of Kano, late Emir Abbas Karofi was the first to relocate his mother to the temporary shelter in the traditional home, ‘Babban Daki’.

Late Emir Bayero’s mother who died in 1990 lived in the traditional home for over three decades. She was reported to have lived there with over 50 servants.

Traditional ‘Babban Daki’ contained over 50 rooms which housed the servants, a room for the house guard while the mother (Mai Babban Daki) occupied a large space with a large sitting room and a room.

However, the present Kano Emir, Muhammad Sanusi has completely reconstructed the home, giving it an ultra modern outlook. Our check revealed that presently the house can be listed among the finest houses with a befitting structure and has all the modern interior decorations one can imagine.

Emir Sanusi’s mother has relocated to her new home and attained to the full fledge function of emir’s mother, traditionally called ‘Mai Babban Daki’.

Weekend Leadership reporter paid a visit to the former residential area of emir Sanusi’s mother to witness the relocation process and to Gwangwazo area, where her new traditional home is located.


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