Wednesday, 4 November 2015

"Halle is the problem behind all her failed marriages" - Halle Berry's first ex-husband opens up on why their marriage failed.

Halle Berry's first ex-husband David Justice, 49, who divorced her in 1997 after 4 years of marriage is finally speaking out about the a-list actress. During his Twitter rant yesterday, Justice insinuated that Halle was the problem behind all her three failed marriages and several relationships. Speaking exclusively with MailOnline, David said;" 

'I had to say something after reading about Halle's recent marriage,' he said. So many years ago, I didn't say anything about the accusations that I abused her, but now I have three children, ages, 15, 13 and 11, two boys and one girl, and they can read this stuff and they have friends who will read it as well so I had to finally come out and say once and for all I never hit Halle Berry. 

'Back then it didn't matter, but it's different now. Halle never said I hit her but she never said I didn't either, which was disappointing. 
'Let me tell you something, I was raised by a single mother and I love and respect her dearly, I would never hit a woman. Never. So, now I have said all that I am going to say on the subject. I am not the face of Halle Berry's exes, I won't be going on TV to talk about this. I just wanted to make sure my wife, my children and the rest of my family, friends and fans know the truth. 
'But one more thing...people in Hollywood knew the truth then but no one spoke up on my behalf. Again, disappointing, but that was 20 years ago and I won't be doing anymore tweeting on the subject. I have said what I needed to say so now, I'm done.'
In 1996, Justice told People Magazine that the relationship wasn't what he bargained for saying, 'she wasn't the same person I was with before we got married.' 

He went on to say his wife got mad when he watched ESPN and accused him of cheating whenever she saw a picture of him with a woman who might be standing next to him.

He added that Berry carried a lot of baggage from her previous relationships and always suspicious. 'I've never known a girl who could throw a tantrum like she does.'

Berry publicly admitted that she attempted suicide after her marriage to Justice fell apart.

Source: Mail Online

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