Tuesday, 10 November 2015

#MustRead: 90 most inspiring quotes from Emerging Leaders Conference 2015.

1. If you want to grow a country, grow the young people first.

2. Leadership is the ability to get people make a decision without feeling been cajoled to do so.

3. The world can never improve if we all remain the same way we are.

4. Nigerians need leaders people who will challenge the status quo

5. Never be afraid!

6. There’s a difference between having a dream and been a dreamer

7. What can you change? What can you make better. Continue.......

8. Examine my goal to ensure it is relevant to my direction.

9. Execution is the major challenge to fulfilling my vision.

10. Measure what I am executing

11. If I don’t execute my plans, five years from now I will still be a dreamer

12. Let people know why I am doing what I am doing

13. Build loyalty

14. Get a Sparkle

15. Eradicate any non conformity

16. Evaluate where I am at every point in time to know what I need to improve.

17. You are either a mentor or a tormentor

18. We may all not be Presidents or CEOs but we are all leaders

19. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

20. Mediocrity should not be an obstacle but a challenge.

21. The onion of Nation building lies with all of us.

22. Nothing is impossible, dare to be different

23. The best of leadership don’t talk leadership but does leadership

24. The only person in the world who can motivate you is you

25. The best inspiration is the one we draw from afar

26. People are made by circumstance and opportunities that they exploited

27. Don’t place too much hope on people, institution and places

28. At the end of the day, result makes all the difference

29. Possibilities are unlimited even in the most unlikely places and persons

30. Immitation is Limitation

31. Nigeria is almost a Nation without Identity

32. We need to address the need for a Nigerian to be self rather than united

33. If Nigeria get their act together the rest of the world will get it.

34. Be a leader where you are first 

35. As you succeed, you will get more success

36. Power is not given on a platter of gold but given

37. In Nigeria contest, empowerment means to give cash

38. We get the leaders we deserve

39. Youths are not taking opportunities

40. Youths are overwhelmed and they shy away from responsibilities

41. The challenge is for leaders not followers

42. An average Nigerian youth cannot sustain an argument without resorting to insults on social media. How did we get here, how can we get out?

43. Once we understand our call to lead, we will be careful what we say.

44. We need to understand we are important in the scheme of things at the global level.

45. We abuse the entire black race when we are abusive on social media.

46. We team up for merriment but divide on solving problems

47. People don’t buy into you, they buy into your vision

48. Let people bring their personal attributes into your vision

49. Once you have a vision, you are empowered.

50. Don’t move by emotion but by vision.

51. You get better from within first.

52. We don’t need to be in relationship with everybody unless those who are key to our destinies.

53. People who are going somewhere do not care about the crowd

54. Nothing is impossible

55. Possibility begins with a vision

56. Selfishness seems to be fashionable in today’s world

57. Selflessness is becoming old fashion

58. True joy comes from sacrifice

59. Corruption is a product of selfishness

60. My generation is very scary – Omotola Jalade

61. The black story have always been built on sacrifice

62. Do not tolerate anything I am totally against

63. Be bold with my decision

64. Make a decision

65. Be consistent

66. Write down my goals

67. I sack staff that come before me without pen and paper- Omotola Jalade

68. Packaging and how we position ourselves is key

69. See my job as a platform to be launched

70. Believe in a higher power

71. When you think no one is watching, behold the world is watching you.

72. If you’ve clipped a man’s voice, you’ve clipped their destiny

73. It’s not the people who do wrong but those those say nothing about the wrong that’s the problem.

74. Nothing happens without people

75. Skill is what I do every day to improve on what I do

76. I am evaluated by time and appearance

77. We listen to answer and not to understand

78. My business should aim to shorten transaction time

79. Build capacity for my business

80. Entrepreneurship is creating value

81. Government dolling naira to people cannot be sustained but government can create an enabling business environment that will empower people financially.

82. Women have more multitasking capacity than men

83. Co-ordinate your time well

84. Passion is what drive entrepreneurs

85. There must be a money making side to my skill

86. Have money making ideas

87. What I do for free may later bring me money

88. You can create goodness

89. Go and make it happen

90. Yes you can!

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