Monday, 16 November 2015

Paris versus the rest of the world - Angelina Jolie has this to say.....

Did Angelina Jolie Really Say That?

As the world was shaken by the Paris attacks that took place on the weekend, the tragic incident was the highlight and most talked about topic on social media, seeing all kinds of reactions, including quotes by the stars.

A Facebook page titled ‘Angelina Jolie’ posted an image on Saturday of an explosion with an alleged quote from the actress saying:

“Whilst everyone talks about ‪#‎Paris no one mentions the ‪#‎ISIS attack in‪#‎Lebanon yesterday. I pray for both countries.”

At the time this article was written, the post was shared more than 677,000 times on Facebook. A screen shot of the post was also widely circulated on Twitter especially by people from around the world who since Saturday have taken to social media to express their frustration that the world did not demonstrate the same out pour of sympathy with the city of Beirut.

The description on Angelina Jolie’s page from which the quote is taken says: “Angelina Jolie’s Fans Page. We quote what we read about her and about other celebrities. Do not represent her.”

While some may argue that the comment is valid and that it could reflect Jolie’s stance others may also argue that a comparison between two tragic event as though they were both competing for the limelight may not be a sentiment that she shares.

Jolie’s words even caught the attention of Lebanese singer Najwa Karam who retweeted the screen shot with a comment, albeit in transliterated Arabic, praising Jolie’s stance.

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