Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Photos: Pres.Obama in an outburst of laughter sighting a toddler all dressed up as a Pope-Loool.

Too funny abeg! Americans first couple Barrack and Michelle Obama took candies to costumed children this weekend for Halloween and they met a little pope. Pictured above is Obama laughing his heart out  and the costumed toddler watched in amazement. I had a good laugh too.

As reported on Quartz.com, many of the guests, hailing from local and military families, opted for adorable, yet safe costumes: princesses, animals and Spider-Men. But one genius parent went for a riskier option, putting his toddler in a pope costume, complete with a child-sized popemobile. See more photos after the cut........Looool cant stop laughing, this Halloween stuff eh.

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