Thursday, 19 November 2015

Reactions to alleged 105 soldiers gone missing after raid on Boko Haram

The Chairman@ebuka_akara
105 Nigerian soldiers missing. I hope its a case of them abandoning their duties and fleeing rather than kidnap. #BringBackOurSoldier. 
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Umeononugbo Ikenna@peteiyke
Hmmm 105 Nigerian soldiers missing, who will now bring back our girls? #BringBackOurSoldiers @MBuhari @adeyanjudeji @RadicalYouthMan

ADEWALE LAKES@adewale_lakes
"@Imoleayo270: If 105 Nigerian Soldiers can go missing, how much more me a bloody civilian? We need help. #PrayForNigeria"

Charles Afolabi@charlycocky
No Nigerian head of State either under civilian or Military rule has lost 105 Soldiers to insurgents except Buhari #BringBackOurSoldiers"

Sunky Temmy@SunkyTemmy
Ewwooooooo. Chaiiiiiii! Dia ris GOD oooooooooooo.

105 soldiers missing? No statement yet from the Nigerian government? The military? What's happening?

Kate Tha Vincent@ThaVincent
If 105 Nigerian soldiers are missing, what will happen to us, the citizens. This is worst than the Chibok girls saga!! #BringBackOurSoldiers

Bar Baric@Bar_Baric
Missing In Action part 105: featuring Nigerian Soldiers.

Mr Stanley Nwabia@MrStanleyNwabia
@channelstv @TVCNews_Africa @NigeriainfoFM & co, be forming that U've not heard news of 105 missing Nigerian soldiers #BringBackOurSoldiers

#NPyouthLeague ™@Teejaytopsticks
Tell me something?"@i_amFIZZIE: 105 Nigerian soldiers missing! dz country is a big joke!!"

I don't believe 105 Gallant Nigerian Soldiers were kidnapped by little trained/untrained insurgents, I think it's more than that

Over 105 Nigerian Soldiers kidnapped by BOKO HARAM under PMB? BUHARI, NSA, MOD AND THE SERVICE CHIEFS, shud quietly and shamefully RESIGN.

Sorry, iDon't believe this story of our missing "105 Nigerian" Brave soldiers -it's impossible #BringBackOurSoldiers #Yola #Kogi

Judith benson@judith_benson
105 Nigerian soldiers missing..Is dis really real. What's really happening???? #BringBackOurSoldiers"

It may be hard to believe 105 Nigerian soldiers are missing but still #BringBackOurSoldiers

Hol up!! 105 Nigerian soldiers missing?? Gerarahia men!!! this is only a joke??.. right??? #BringBackOurSoldiers

Remi Oladipo@Ceorhemz
Bros, you cant blame Dasuki for the missing 105 Nigerian soldiers without sounding daft, even with your PHD. Pipe down

@authorityngr: FLASH : At least 105 Nigerian soldiers missing after fierce gun battle with Boko Haram” wow

Bombings, Fuel Scarcity, Power Failure, Mud slide, Building collapse, Fire Accidents, 105 Nigerian soldiers disappear..Lord have mercy!!!

LIGHT OF JOY@Imoleayo270
If 105 Nigerian Soldiers can go missing, how much more me a bloody civilian? We need help. #PrayForNigeria

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