Thursday, 5 November 2015

Yakubu Gowon’s Son, Jack Musa Granted State Pardon By Obama After 22 Years In Prison, what he achieved while in prison will amaze you.

Jack Musa is the son of ex head of state, General Yakubu Gowon and Late Edith Ike Okongwu. Edith lived with Gowon during the war till his people allegedly kicked her out for flimsy reasons and took young Musa away from her. 

She relocated to America but many years later, she ‘kidnapped’ him on a visit to Nigeria and took him back to America. That move was probably wrong because young Musa became rebellious and didn’t approve of his mothers single and flamboyant lifestyle.
To make matters worse, his dad Yakubu Gowon had allegedly cut him off for as long as he was with his mum.Musa eventually became one of the highest ranking member/ business partner of a Colombian drug cartel.He lived a rich and flamboyant lifestyle until he was caught in 1993. Musa was about 23 years as at that time.

Jack Musa Gowon protested vehemently through his legal team that he was innocent and was framed up and his protest were ignored by the Jury and was harshly sentenced to 324 months in prison followed by five years of supervised release.

As an inmate of Taft Correctional Facility, Musa Jack Gowon was a role model and a legal adviser to all the inmates
He was well behaved and a source of inspiration to co- inmates who have given up on life.The prison warden loved and worshiped the ground he tread on

Musa enrolled in one of the universities around and successfully graduated with a degree in Law as a prison inmate.This commendable act of Leadership did not go unnoticed and he was rewarded severally by prison authorities.

While all these were going on, Musa’s family has never stopped fighting to get him out of prison and calls for his release began to grow louder. President Obama heard the calls for Musa’s release and acted in that regard by granting him a parole.

Musa walked out of Taft Correctional Facility Bakersfield California as a free man on November 2nd and he is currently at ICE Detention Center Bakersfield CA where he will be deported back to Nigeria any moment from now.

Musa Jack Ngonaadi is grateful to his Dad, General Yakubu Gowon, his friends and his relatives from his maternal side who stood by him and supported him also all through the period of his unjust incarceration that he did not commit the crime he was wrongly accused of.

Musa will narrate his own side of the story very soon and he is grateful to God who kept him alive and well to see this day.


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