Thursday, 3 December 2015

15 Ways To Be The Change You Want To See In Nigeria no. 10.

10.Strive to keep your social conscience awake: 
I got this point from one of the most powerful women who have lived on the face of this earth, Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt, one time American first lady in the 1930s, refused to limit her roles to ceremonial duties; she immersed herself in the great issues of the day. Although she was born into privilege, she spent her life trying to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world.

 In same light, we should daily live with that consciousness. The consciousness that I am socially responsible for the welfare of Nigerians. Yes, it sounds too huge to say “the welfare of Nigerians” but when we show love and care to one Nigerian everyday, you will be amazed how much positive impact we will be making. The UN and other foreign bodies have made it a point of duty to send aid to African countries, in the bid to help us deal with the many socio-economy problems that have plagued most of the countries and Nigeria is a great beneficiary of that. But when will Africans, in this case Nigerians stand up to help ourselves. Sadly, most of these aids when received is spent on administrative or staff welfare/travels, and a very menial amount is actually used to care for the less privileged. Anyways, let me not dabble into NGO or global support issues. Continue.......

My advocacy here is that when we have enough Nigerians who care enough to live a life of positive impact, Nigeria and Nigerians will indeed change for the better. Few Celebrities, Politicians and Organizations in Nigeria are doing pretty well in their corporate social responsibilities. But more need to be done. Nigerians have to look out to helping one another more than ever. We are definitely in troubled times now, with insurgencies, political instability and other economy issues, and in these times we must all show care and concern for one another and for the state of the Nation. We should live daily with the consciousness that ‘We have the responsibility to solve our own issues’ whether is economical, social, political etc. We all should be a Voice, a Hand or a Leg for positive change in any little way we can. #BeTheChange.

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