Thursday, 10 December 2015

15 ways to be the "CHANGE" you want to see in Nigeria - No.9

9. Be a reading Nigerian: It is popularly said that, “If you want to hide something from a Nigerian, keep it in a book.” It sounds so funny but how true. Knowledge, they say is power and Ignorance they say kills. If you say Education is expensive, try Ignorance. While Education cost you only your time and cash, it will deliver much more to you. Ignorance will cost you, your life and essence on earth and it delivers no dividend. Don’t just go to school, study, don’t just study, think and don’t just think, act.

Foundations for every action must be embodied with a series of study to enable you acquire enough knowledge that will aid in making your action more effective. We must always start by gaining the right knowledge we need to be able to act and be the change we want to see. “Reading is surely the road to success”- Anne Frank said, and quoting historian Stephen Ambrose- “I guarantee you the No. 1 asset that you’re going to bring to whatever it is that you’re going to do is reading. We, the human race, have not ever invented anything that can surpass reading as a way of learning.” Surveys have shown, if we study for just an hour daily on anything, we will be professionals in it. So let’s get going, pick up that book and read, it will make the difference. It is more alarming that even the schooled sometimes graduate as illiterates, because they are in school just as a societal requirement, with no plans of giving themselves to study, becoming truly literate and getting properly equipped to impact the larger society with their knowledge.

Let’s correct that notion by the white man, who came up with hiding stuff from Nigerians in a book thing. Let’s unravel every mystery and show the world that Nigerians are the most innovative, creative and productive people in the world. We are not just consumers, but producers of our own goods and services. That will happen only, when a good number of Nigerians, find great relevance in studying and getting properly schooled to effect change. Readers are not just leaders, Readers are highly productive people. So I am advocating to a good number of serious minded Nigerians, who want to be the change, they want to see in Nigeria to be Readers. The deal is 1hour a day. Of course that is just the minimal; we should spend more hours to read. Don’t forget, “Unravel that Oyibo’s mystery” and show the world that Nigerians have got what it takes to be a great Nation. #Study4Change. #BeAReadingNigerian.

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